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Luna Lovegood: actress who played the heroine in "Harry Potter"

Films about Harry Potter - the famous wizard with a scar in the form of a lightning bolt on his forehead, which survived after meeting "Who cannot be called", was watched by almost everyone. However, the celebrity after the release of the film was not just the main character himself, that is, Harry Potter. Luna Lovegood (the actress who played it, more precisely), with her unusual appearance, successful acting and character, sank in the souls of many fans, a strange, slightly crazy girl with cockroaches in her head.

"Harry Potter"

This series of books is known to everyone, as is the film cycle. Every second person has seen such a famous film and everyone has their own favorites. Someone Harry himself, someone Ron Weasley, someone Hermione Granger, someone Polumna Lovegood. The actress who played the last character did not immediately appear in the frame, but quickly won the hearts of many viewers.

The most famous character is unsurprisingly Harry Potter, after whom books and films are named. One day he receives a letter saying that he is not an ordinary boy, but a real wizard. His angry aunt and uncle tried to hide this information from his nephew, who had grown up, but when the time came they had to let Harry go to Hogvards - the Academy of Magic and Wizardry. Potter is surprised everyone knows him, but the truth about who he is is written as a scar on his forehead after a child is met with Volan de Mort, the cruelest and most dangerous dark magician. The latter was less fortunate than the little unthinking baby who had just got away with a scar and was destroyed. But it is gradually becoming apparent that he is ready to rise. In each part of the book or film, Volan de Mort grows stronger, and in the fourth film ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") "the boy who survived" and his greatest archenemy are found. At first, Potter doesn't believe anyone, because not everyone is ready to accept the terrible truth, they are sure that Volan de Mort cannot rise from the dead, but a year later they are convinced that the man's words are true, if not even immediately. Subsequent parts of books and films turn into a full-fledged war with "Those who cannot be called," including the Great Battle of Hogvards between Death Eaters, Volan de Morats minions, and teachers and students of Hogvards and other wizards.

The appearance of Luna Lovegood

This eccentric and bizarre girl appeared in the fifth part ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"). The main thing for them is not logic and rationality, but imagination, belief and elements hidden from the ordinary human eye and brain. However, that does not mean that Polumna is stupid, on the contrary, she is quite smart and quick-witted.

The first meeting of the main characters (Harry, Ron and Hermione) with the girl took place on the Hogvards Express, where all compartments were occupied except the one in which Polumna was. Later the girl helped Harry, who was injured by Draco Malfoy.

Lovegood is initially alone because of its properties. They all avoid and dislike them, consider them crazy and regularly hide their things, just calling them names. However, this does not bother the girl at all, besides, she does not keep anyone angry, despite the persecution of her fellow students, she is so nice and good. "A little bit of it," even called Harry Potter. Luna Lovegood is a rare specimen that doesn't care about other people's opinions. Sure, she's still perceived as a person and accepted for who she is after the girl joined Dumbledore Squad. She has friends and fans of the opposite sex, but she considers the Trinity she knows to be her best friends, as well as Neville and Ginny.

Polumna lives with her father because her mother died when the girl was a small child.

Evanna Lynch

Luna Lovegood is an actress whose real name is almost forgotten due to her most famous role. The girl is seldom one of the fans or just movie lovers Evanna names Lynch when her parents baptized her. Evanna is from now on and apparently for a long time Polumna Lovegood. The actress herself knows for sure that many do not know her real name.

Here is the "secret". You now know that Evanna Lynch is the real name of the actress who played many of her favorite weird heroines.

Biography and career

The full name of "Laughs of Lovegood" is Evanna Patricia Lynch. She was born on August 16, 1991 in Termonfekine, County Louth, Ireland. Evanna has two older sisters (Emily and Meyrid) and a younger brother named Patrick. From 11 to 13 years old, Lynch suffered from anorexia.

From 2004 to 2010 she studied at a closed Catholic girls' school with Evanna. In September of the same year she entered the Institute of Education in Ireland.

February 2, 2006 Casting The girl came to London hoping to become Polumna Lovegood. Around 15,000 applicants came to the casting, so the chances of success were negligible. However, it was Evanna who got noticed by the producers. They didn't want to take professional actresses because most of them are too predictable, which means they can't create the image they want. In addition, it was important to the creators that the contenders not only play polumna, but also become it.


Evanna Lynch - the actress who played Humble Lovegood and became famous for precisely that role. It is unlikely that the girl would make her way to the screen if it weren't for her incredible luck, because Evanna is not a professional actress. So if we are talking about filmography, of course, a series of films about Harry Potter is a huge accomplishment. Don't let Evanna Lynch star in all roles, just the last four, this is her most successful role at the moment. So, in addition to "Harry Potter" actress lit up:

  • In the TV series "Sinbad" and "Top".
  • In the musical "A Very Potter Senior Year", which you can hardly find in Russian, but with a knowledge of English you can appreciate it. However, there are more songs than actions, and the actress herself rarely appears, so you can watch without translation.
  • In the film "When the best friend is gay".
  • In the short film "It doesn't come easy".

In addition, a film called Dynamite: An Instructive Story will be released in 2014, in which the actress will also participate.

The Influence of Luna Lovegood on Evanna Lynch

When the girl was still a girl, she was already in love with a number of books on Harry Potter. Little Evanna hardly assumed that when she grew up she would become one of the heroines of her beloved book, reborn not only in her fantasies but on the screen.

After the release of films, Evanna was dying to play in a role. After the announcement of the casting for the role of Polumna Lovegood, a fourteen-year-old girl immediately rushed to London to pursue her dream.

More interesting facts

  • Luna Lovegood is an actress whose photo can often be seen more accurately in her stage role than in her everyday image. Most of the time, the audience doesn't remember the girl's real name, but the one she had in the movie.
  • During anorexia, J. Rowling himself sent a letter of support to Evanna. The girl, in turn, sent letters to the author in which she admired books and stated that she could never play in Harry Potter. Correspondence communication, to which Lynch and Rowling was limited, was not limited: after the casting they met, and the author described the girl as perfect for the role of Polumna.
  • Evanna Lynch is a vegetarian.
  • Evanna's real hair color is dark so she had to dye her hair blonde.


Now you know what the reality is in Luna Lovegood. The actress who played her is externally known to all lovers of the film series, and many will remember her real name. And that's right, because a character should never replace a real person with himself, as is the case with some actors who stepped into a big movie because of a successful and memorable role.