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10 Best Brown Eyeliners You're About to Fall in Love With

I'd confidently bet my paycheck that you're wearing black eyeliner right this very second. And no, I'm not a mind reader — it's just that makeup veterans and straight-up noobs alike consider black eyeliner their holy-grail product. But if you, like me, are tired of reaching for the same old jet-black formula every damn day, it's time you meet the subtle upgrade you never knew you needed: brown eyeliner.

It may seem like a fairly simple, totally unnecessary departure from your go-to hue, but brown eyeliner actually has a lot to offer — and I'm not the only one singing its prices. Makeup artists like MODA Executive Artist, Dominique Lerma (who says brown eyeliner can even moonlight as an eyeshadow base or a brow pencil) are also on board. That's why I went ahead and rounded up the 10 best brown eyeliners on the market, including some of Lerma's all-time favorites, below.

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First: How and Why Do I Wear Brown Eyeliner?

Brown eyeliner basically acts like a contour for your eyelids, giving you the illusion of thicker, amped-up lashes from far away. And, while black eyeliner can make your eyes look itty bitty when you coat your waterline, brown eyeliner can actually give your eyes more depth—Especially when you smudge it around your top and bottom lashes (almost like a smokey eye).

Got it? Good. Now, you may proceed to the absolute best 10 brown eyeliners of 2019.

Best Long-Lasting Brown Eyeliner
Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Eyeliner in Mad Max Brown

They don't call this cult-favorite brown eyeliner a "tattoo" for no reason—this formulaactually lasts, so feel free to wear it from work to that Bumble date you're finally following through with.

PRO TIP: Beginners should take note of this super-thin tip, which makes precise, smooth lines totally doable (even if you've got a shaky hand).

Shamshbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Penny Lane

This kohl liner (one of Lerma's faves) makes smokey-eye application a total breeze, thanks to the buildable formula.

PRO TIP:This brown eyeliner is so soft and easy to blend that Lerma suggests thickly tracing your upper lash line, thenusing your fingers to smudge it out along your lid.

MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel in Dipdown

If a gel pot usually feels intimidating (I get it! Pencil formulas are more in my comfort zone too), Lerma suggests broadening your horizons with this easy-to-apply pick.

PRO TIP:Dip your eyeliner brush into the pot and trace your lash lineexactly like you would with a traditional liquid liner, only this time, you'll be left with a silky, velvety line,instead of a watery smudge.

Best Waterproof Brown Eyeliner
Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown

This waterproof brown eyelinerstays put through anything—Like, I'm talking three-seasons-of-Grey's-Anatomyanything.

PRO TIP: The creamy texture means it glides on nice and smooth (read: none of that annoying tugging), so applying your makeup during your commute is actually doable.

Best Multi-Use Brown Eyeliner
Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner in Brown

Looking to Marie Kondo your beauty stash? This perfectly pigmented, dual-ended brown eyeliner offers the definition of a liquid liner on one end, plus the smudgy ease of a gel liner on the other end, so you can remember to throw one less thing in your overnight bag.

PRO TIP: Scribble the creamy gel tip across your lids, then quickly blend it out with your finger for a soft, smokey eye (that doesn't even require eyeshadow).

Best Brown Pencil Eyeliner
Charlotte Tilbury The Classic Eye Powder Pencil in Aubrey

Unlike your classic, no-frills pencil eyeliner, this powdery formula leaves you with asoft, natural-looking line of brownthat's super easy to blend out or let set.

PRO TIP:For a hazy definition that doesn't look too intense, lightly trace your lower lash line with this pencil, then blend it out with an eyeshadow brush dipped in bronze eyeshadow.

Best Liquid Brown Eyeliner
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown

Liquid liners can be a pain to apply, but this one draws on easily, dries quickly, and won't smudge (thanks to the super-clean lines you can get with its fine tip).

PRO TIP: You canreally build this formula — so don't be afraid to pack it on when you're looking for a bolder finish.

Best Gel-Crayon Brown Eyeliner
Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Crayon Eyeliner in Earthquake

If you want the creaminess of a gel, but you're still not sold on using a pot, this crayon eyeliner is the perfect solution. It goes on like butter—No brush necessary — and it'll give you major color payoff.

PRO TIP:This brown eyeliner comes with a built-in sharpener, so you can * finally * stop looking for that one that keeps slipping out of your makeup bag. Whenever the tip is getting a little dull, pop off the black sharpener at the base of the liner and twist away for a more precise point.

Best Drugstore Brown Eyeliner
Nyx Professional Jumbo Eye Pencil

A good eyeliner doesn't have to run your bank account dry. This cheap, jumbo-sized pencil is perfect for that thick cat eye you saw on your Insta feed last week.

PRO TIP: You can use this brown liner as an eyeshadow too. Just scribble the crayon all over your lid, then use your finger or a brush to blend.

Best Smudge-Proof Brown Eyeliner
Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil

If you spend all morning on your cat eye only for it to run and smear by noon, this long-lasting pencil will legit change your life (or at the very least, your day). You'll get a precise, smudge-free line every damn time.

PRO TIP:On the days you aren't after sharp, clean lines, you'll find a built-in smudger at the bottom of this brown eyeliner. Blend it over your liner for an intentionally messy, smoked-out look.

Ama Kwarteng Ama Kwarteng was previously the associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan.
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