How to Build a Tom Sawyer Raft

How to build a raft in Valheim

Every player's world is slightly different Valheim, but you'll always start on an island surrounded by water. The size of the island will vary and at some point you will run out of land to explore and set sail for the seas. If you are a new viking ValheimYou need a ship to go to new and interesting countries, even if it's not a particularly fancy one. The first and most basic method of getting across the water is by raft. Here's how to build a raft Valheim.

Your Viking can swim perfectly, but since swimming takes stamina, he can only swim across small bodies of water. Great lakes or the ocean require a much larger ship that you can build with the right materials.

How to build a raft in Valheim

Here is what you need to build a raft Valheim::

  • 20 wood
  • 6 leather scraps
  • 6 resin
  • Workbench

First you'll need to kill and skin at least six boars, cut down a few beeches for the wood, and kill a few Graydwarf for the resin. Next, you need to build a workbench that will only cost ten lumber. Step two is to create a workbench. You can't build a raft on dry land. where would you put it? To put a raft together, a workbench needs to be right next to the body of water you want to sail on.

Workbenches have a white circle that indicates the area of ​​the building. You want the water to be captured by this area. With the workbench assembled, you are now ready to build on the water. So equip your hammer, open your crafting menu and switch to the miscellaneous tab. The raft recipe should be on the far right. So click on it and left click on the water to build your raft.

How to control the raft Valheim

To steer your raft, get in and press E to grab the oar. You can use the A and D buttons to steer left and right. More importantly, you can unfold the sail a little by pressing W, or roll it back up by pressing S. Your sail has three settings and how much you unfold determines how fast you can go.

While you are steering the raft, you will see a circular icon in the top right under your world map. This symbol shows which way your raft is pointing and which way the wind is blowing. As long as you are not sailing into the wind, your raft will move. However, if it's coming from the east or west, you may need to use the rudder to correct course.

One last word of caution: do you see that ladder on the back of your raft? Yeah, it's not real. If you fall off your raft into the water, you will not be able to climb on it again. Presumably this ladder will be made functional in a future update, but just try not to fall into the drink for now.