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Bose 10.2 Review

The Bose 10.2 "Stereo Everywhere" speaker system is a direct descendant of the company's earlier Direct / Reflecting speakers. Unlike conventional forward-radiating speakers, whose full ...

Speaker system

Bose 901 series V Review

The Bose 901 series speakers, which have been manufactured since 1968, probably qualify as having the longest tenure of any currently made hi-fi product. Although they have undergone ...

Speaker system

Bose Acoustimass 5 series II Review

The Bose Acoustimass 5, or AM-5, was not the first speaker system to use two small satellites and a separate bass module to provide maximum flexibility in placement with minimum visual ...

Speaker system

Bose Model 601 Series II Review

The Bose Model 601 Series II, like the other Bose speakers, is designed for "direct / reflecting" operation in which a large part of its total acoustic output is reflected from one or ...