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Cigarettes: these brands will go away

The tobacco industry is facing radical changes: shock images of lung diseases and rotten teeth will soon be seen on the packaging, and photos and warnings must be printed on two thirds of the area.

This is what the new Tobacco Directive of the European Commission demands, which must be implemented in national and thus also in German law from next year. But not all cigarette brands will survive this change, according to a survey by “Welt”.

The reason why both the cowboy in "Wild West" films and the Japanese businessman in stereotype-laden films will soon smoke the same brands of cigarettes is mainly due to the regulations on the part of the EU.

Regulation mainly hits niche brands

“There are niche brands where the conversion will simply be too expensive in relation to the market share,” said Ralf Wittenberg, CEO of British American Tobacco (BAT), “Welt”. The effort will not be worthwhile for all brands.

BAT currently offers 16 brands of cigarettes in Germany. “There will be six left in the end,” said Wittenberg. This affects cigarette names that have slipped to a market share of one percent or less in German retailing over the years.

"We have small brands such as Golden American, Winfield, Peer 100, Lux or Krone that will disappear in the next 18 months," said the BAT boss. What will happen to traditional brands such as Prince Denmark, HB or Lord has not yet been decided.

The variety of brands is disappearing