What does 200t tax code mean?

Have you been puzzled about the abbreviations on your payroll? We will explain to you quickly and easily what the cryptic abbreviations really mean.

When the pay slip flutters into the house at the end of the month, many only understand Bahnhof: What on earth do all the abbreviations mean?

Sure, basically most of them know what prints are due each month (if not, you can find out here). Nevertheless, it is always good to know what amounts are being deducted - if only to Payroll errors quick to notice. After all, payroll errors can cost you money.

Payroll: Abbreviations Explained Quickly

In order to shed a little light on your pay slip, we have put together the most important abbreviations on the pay slip:

A.severance pay
AVunemployment insurance
BGRSContribution group key
E.One-time purchaseirregular payments such as Christmas or vacation pay
GBTotal gross
HAdditional amountApplies when the employee is in more than one employment relationship. Registration via the income tax reduction procedure at the tax office required.
JPart of the total grossAmounts that are counted towards the total gross
Ki.Frbtr.Child allowanceThe child allowance is deducted from taxable income and reduces the income tax burden.
KiStChurch tax
KKHealth insurance
KK%Relevant contribution rate for health insurance including additional contribution
KVHealth insurance
L.Current referenceAll regular payments from the employer, including salary. Also fluctuating remuneration such as commissions.
LStincome tax
M.Multi-year taxation
NRecalculationOccurs if errors occurred in the payroll for the previous month.
MFBMultiple employment
PGRSPerson group key
PVcare insurance
RVPension insurance
S.Other referenceLike one-time purchase.
St.Tax gross
Tax IDPersonal tax identification number
StKlTax class
SVsocial insurance
AroundPay-as-you-go system
V.Previous year
VKZProcessing indicator
W.Credit balance
ZRelevant premium surcharge for long-term care insurance for childless peopleContribution surcharge for long-term care insurance for childless persons in addition to the regular long-term care insurance contributions.

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