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102 funny first names that really exist

Do you find your name kind of stupid or boring? You'd better be glad that your mother and father didn't name you after a food item or a character from "Lord of the Rings". Because while you usually can't choose your last name, the first name you get when you are born is either a curse or a blessing. Here you will find the funniest first names that particularly "creative" parents have come up with or that weren't that unusual in the past.

60 funny approved first names

Sure, nobody really wants to give their child a run-of-the-mill name that three others will later have in their class. Nevertheless, some exaggerate when it comes to naming and naming their baby after their favorite club, a well-known brand or simply a completely nonsensical cube of words. The pioneers here have been stars for years, who translate their children as “apple”, “blanket”, “north” or “moon unit”. That a celebrity offspring should stand out a little from the crowd is still understandable somewhere, but why do Petra and Dieter Müller from Buxtehude have to name their child ...? Here's our list of fun first names that couldn't be more whimsical:

Matt-Eagle Ikea Dior
River Galaxina Pebbles
Fanta Snow white Apple
Waterloo Emelie extra Eitelfritz
Alkmund Napoleon Cosma Shiva
Lafayette Geilana sheriff
Hasso November Milka
Chanel Achilles Klodwig
Bluna Popo Prestigious
Cinderella melody despot Speedy
Pumuckl Rex Winnetou
mikado Jesus Rapunzel
Bluebell Godot Dee-Jay
Raven Imperial Purity Uragano
Christmas Blade Miracle
sultan Katzbachine Sun Dance
Legolas Gneisenauette Brain
Champagne Alemmania Shaklyn
laser Blueberry Seven star
Tarzan Chocolate Cominza jazz

Speaking of stupid names:

42 funny first names that were rejected

The German registry offices have meanwhile become quite painless and sometimes approve the strangest and funniest first names. However, there are also cases in which the officer in charge has taken courage and thought of the poor child's future. The following names, among others, have already been rejected in this country:

Distribution mix Satan Peppermint
sputnik Crazy Horse whiskey
Rumpelstiltskin gastritis Porsche
Pepsi-Cola Schnucki Woodstock
coccyx Tom Tom Holunda
Gucci MC Donald Carnation heini
carrot lightning Venus
January Woodruff Bierstübl
Mechipchameuh elm Lenin
Rasputin Atomic peace cherry
Borussia yogurt Liebknecht
pumpernickel West end water lily
Millennium Boy Troublemaker
Doll Schröder gramophone

You old testicle goblin: 18 funny insults in the video

Even if some of the names mentioned above would pass as pretty funny insults, these are even funnier:

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Do you know any other bizarre and funny first names? Then feel free to write them to us in the comments. One can only hope that the bearers of all the approved first names don't have to suffer from a funny last name too!

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