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The leopard is the fourth largest wild cat species and is native to both Africa and Asia. To live, he prefers a tropical to cold temperate climate and large forest and steppe areas (often also savannahs), in which he finds a sufficiently large hunting area. The leopard is not only found in the rainforest, but also in semi-deserts and mountains.


Africa: In the African state of Benin, leopard skins are associated with power, influence and prestige, which is why their wearers are often chiefs or influential rulers. But in many other cultures too, the leopard, with its courage and bravery, is a symbol of high-ranking and experienced warriors.

Egypt: Osiris, the god of the afterlife and rebirth, is depicted in many drawings and paintings with a cloak made of leopard skin.

China: In many legends, the leopard emerges as a courageous and brave warrior. Similar to the tiger, the leopard is also a popular heraldic and shaman animal, which is why, for example Hsi Wany Mu, the Chinese goddess of the western paradise consists of one half of a tiger and the other half of a leopard.

Miscellaneous: Even today you can still find associations of the leopard with war and bravery if you look at the naming of the battle tanks.

Leopard - medicine

When the leopard power animal roams your territory, then he wants to give you courage and strength so that you are strong enough to master the obstacles ahead. As a big big cat, the leopard as a power animal also challenges you to become aware of your size and power. Remember your claws and your jadin instinct, because you will soon be able to put both of them to good use. But never forget that a wise ruler never abuses his power, just as a good warrior never assaults his strength on the weaker. It is not easy to reconcile strength and power, but this is exactly why the leopard spirit animal comes to you. Bring the two in harmony and become the strongest warrior and a ruler who is respected and recognized without being afraid of him. The leopard as a power animal leads you back to your own strength and shows you what potential you have. Even if the path of the ruler or warrior is sometimes a lonely path, this only serves to make you stronger and more experienced - sometimes lonely phases of life are even a test from the leopard who wants to know whether you are worthy of a leader or a warrior and know how to deal with (or perish) power, strength and influence. Leopard medicine is difficult, but very powerful medicine that can get the most out of you if you want and face the leopard's duties.

Dream interpretation

When a leopard sneaks through your dreams, it symbolizes suppressed fighting spirit and passion. But he also warns against recklessness and cunning of fellow men. There may be dangers and violent conflicts ahead that you can only overcome or end with courage and willpower. If you are chased and jumped at by a leopard in a dream, it seems that someone from your immediate environment wants to stab you in the back. In addition, the appearance of a leopard in a dream means that you should carefully review your finances and possible financial plans - there seems to be a mistake somewhere, which is why you should seek advice from a professional.


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