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Fallout 4: This is the best type of weapon

Fallout 4: weapons

There are all sorts of weapons in Fallout 4. You choose between pistols, rifles, heavy weapons, melee instruments and more. However, this is the best type of weapon.

Of course, the weapon that you can handle best is ideal for you. In Fallout 4, and the netzwelt editors agree, is the best type of weapon the rifle. Ideally, it should be non-automatic, because with fully automatic weapons you can quickly waste ammunition by holding the shot button for a long time.

Rifles abound in Fallout 4. Early on in the game, you'll find shotguns or improv rifles that you can use to inflict sufficient damage in the first third of the game (the top five weapons to start with). Later you will find combat shotguns, lasers and combat rifles with which you gradually shoot your way through the wasteland. You should use rifles because they can be found and bought everywhere.

We are particularly impressed by the damage and range values ​​for rifles. With the best weapon mods you can kill your opponents - even at a distance. If you get legendary rifles with damage bonuses, your enemies should have a hard time against you. We recommend the legendary Gauss rifle "The Last Minute". Death claws drive the sweat of fear onto the forehead. It can be bought by completing the Minutemen's Ancient Weapons quest in the castle.

Everything you need to know about weapons in Fallout 4 Well armed for an adventure

Fallout 4 offers you a lot of weapons. You can even upgrade them with weapon mods. On this overview you can find out everything about the best and legendary weapons as well as the locations.

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