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Area information Austria (list)

How big is Burgenland?

Answer: 3,962 km?

How big is Carinthia?

Answer: 9,538 km?

How big is Lower Austria?

Answer: 19,186 km?

How big is Upper Austria?

Answer: 11,980 km?

How big is Salzburg?

Answer: 7,156 km?

How big is Styria?

Answer: 16,401 km?

How big is Tyrol?

Answer: 12,640 km?

How big is Vorarlberg?

Answer: 2,601 km?

How big is Vienna?

Answer: 415 km?


Which is the largest federal state in Austria?

Answer: Lower Austria

How big is Austria?

Answer: 83,879 km?


Austria is a country that has a lot to offer its residents and guests. It is not for nothing that the Alpine republic as such is one of the most popular holiday destinations for European tourists. But where are the country's strengths and perhaps also weaknesses? And what are the most popular destinations and highlights? The quiz gives an entertaining answer.

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Capitals / countries Austria

Austria is a relatively small country with only a few federal states and corresponding capitals of the federal states. Nevertheless, it is precisely these capitals that have a veritable cornucopia of interesting and worth knowing aspects to offer. If you want to test your own knowledge or are looking for a useful party game, you should take a look at the quiz.

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