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# BTW21: Transport and climate protection

Green leader wants to abolish short-haul flights: Baerbock's Germany plans in the reality check

RKI reports "steadily" increasing share

More infectious, dangerous and mutated 15 times? India variant is spreading rapidly

Revolution in e-mobility?

Refueled in just 3 minutes without a charging cable: this e-car can cover 800 kilometers


Women's rights

Hands off the hijab! Women decide for themselves what to wear

A comment by Hugo Müller-Vogg

The Baerbock bill: prohibit, prescribe, cash in

Analysis by Thomas Jäger

Baerbock like Merkel, Laschet without guts: that's how the race for chancellorship goes

The FOCUS column by Jan Fleischhauer

Who counts as a victim? The lockdown took my father from me, now he's threatening my mother

Comment from Hugo Müller-Vogg

Greta's ugly side: She abuses her celebrities to stir up hatred of Israel

Comment from Ulrich Reitz

This is Islamist terror! Israel is waiting for a signal from its German friends

The FOCUS column by Jan Fleischhauer

With horror forecasts in the federal lockdown: Why have the Corona experts miscalculated?

"New start for Germany" - the opportunities column

The climate-driven: stop discussing grilled sausage and burner bans!

Sharpened - column by Ulrich Reitz

What else does the CDU stand for? Causa Maaßen forces Laschet into an overdue discussion

The FOCUS column by Jan Fleischhauer

Baerbock spell: How elite journalists try to write the Greens to the Chancellery

"New start for Germany" - the opportunities column

Never again 16 years! If the Chancellery becomes a bunker, the country suffers

Analysis by Ulrich Reitz

Merkel denies vaccinated people their rights - now Söder shows the Chancellor how to do it

Analysis by Ulrich Reitz

The black climate limit: Why Söder cuddles with the Greens - and Laschet doesn't

The FOCUS column by Jan Fleischhauer

New corona law: five years in prison for a cola outdoors - are you serious?

Guest contribution by Gabor Steingart

If Laschet no longer dares to Söder, he leads the CDU into insignificance

Candidacy for Chancellor

Legacy after 16 years of Merkel: Union and Laschet have no plan

Green federal election campaign

"Would like to lead this government," says Baerbock - but what about the left?


Fight for the Chancellery: Congratulations, Mrs. Baerbock!


Not in the mood for power, Mr. Scholz? SPD is just letting last big chance slip by

The FOCUS column by Jan Fleischhauer

What was the Holocaust? When leftists lose all inhibitions in dealing with history

Sahra Wagenknecht: "The self-righteous"

Anyone who thinks differently is the Nazi: Why left-wing liberals are neither left nor liberal

Comment on the Infection Protection Act

Merkel's expansion of power: This law leads us into corona absolutism

Comment from Hugo Müller-Vogg

Rent cover collected - because the law weighs more than red-red-green ideology

Could Spahn have prevented an argument?

Laschet is fighting the battle of his life - and made central mistakes months ago

Comment from Ulrich Reitz

Abrasion in the parliamentary group meeting: In the end there is a bitter realization for Laschet

Comment on the Corona emergency brake

Curtain up for the "Blame Game": The lockdown is always the fault of the other

Guest contribution to the Infection Protection Act

Slow, lax, undemocratic - that's why a federal law doesn't bring a tough lockdown

Sharpened - column by Ulrich Reitz

Söder's arsenal: For Laschet's sore spot, he chooses a particularly insidious weapon

"Like bed rest without treatment"

FDP and Lauterbach fear the Merkel emergency brake - only for very different reasons

Comment from Ulrich Reitz

Söder's masterpiece: Now the CDU must decide its own fate

Analysis by Ulrich Reitz

Hamas bombs its own Palestinian state off the map - but there is an alternative

Lower Saxony

Eleven-year-old girl missing after violent crime - mother and boy (4) dead

FOCUS online talk

Löw will probably bring Müller back - and now has to sacrifice one of his favorites in the DFB team

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Came to stay

Corona is becoming "endemic": That means the Drosten forecast for the time after the pandemic

Guest contribution by Michael Wolffsohn

Germany gives the peacemaker - in the back, terrorism millions flow to Hamas