What does non-renewable scholarship mean

Scholarships: Not just for nerds with a smooth grade point average!

In principle, scholarships in this country are often associated with extremely talented students and an excellent grade point average. But if you think that only the one-nerd in the front row has the chance of one of the much sought-after financial injections, you are wrong. There are different types of scholarships and completely different requirements for applicants. We give you an insight into the scholarship jungle!

Back to basics: What is a scholarship?

Motivated, intelligent and the Dream of studying. All over the world there are millions of people who are full of eagerness to learn and impatiently scratch their hooves at the thought of university. Unfortunately, education is still a privilege in many cases. Not everyone can afford one Student life in a new city to start and bear the living costs alone. Lots young people with great potential shy away from studying for financial reasons. A great loss for our economy, research and, of course, you yourself.

That is why the state and other institutions such as universities, foundations and private individuals become one Variety of scholarships made available. And you don't have to be the next Albert Einstein for everyone. The awarding authority concerned defines the criteria.

What types of scholarships are there?

Performance and support grants

The Merit scholarship is the variant that everyone thinks of at first. The main criteria are the grade point average and other extraordinary achievements. In most cases it is awarded for the previous academic year. The submission deadline is limited to 2 - 4 weeks and the amount depends on the registry concerned. Partly will be yours Tuition fees covered or you get one set amount of money transferred. Very rarely are students even allowed to find out about theFull financing of their studies and up to € 1,500 / month. You can apply for a merit scholarship your college apply for.

It looks different in the area of ​​the Grant out. This is intended to help those students whose research is for the Final thesis associated with costs is. For example, if you have to go to another country for research purposes, you can apply for a scholarship and the travel costs will be covered if the application is successful. Prerequisite: Your work will be as eligible for funding classified. The funds will be dated Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research made available. You can find and request a scholarship via the Austrian database for scholarships and research funding at grants.at, or you can contact the relevant federal ministry directly for a merit and support scholarship.

State grant / self-support grant

In principle, this is the so-called Self-Sustaining Scholarship a special form of study grant. The requirements for receiving the scholarship are:

  • You already have worked at least 4 years so “keep yourself”.
  • Have your own income at least € 8,580 (minus social security and € 132 income-related expenses lump sum) achieved gross annually.
  • You are not older than 29 years(the age limit increases to a maximum of 34 years if you have kept yourself for more than 4 years).

Your parents' financial situation does not matter. However, you must have one to apply corresponding academic success can prove. With the support of € 801 / month calculate. From the age of 24, all students receive an incremental surcharge of € 20 per month, and from the age of 27, a further incremental surcharge of € 20 per month. If you are studying with a child, the amount increases by a maximum of 112 € / month.

Important: To receive the scholarship, you can do the Additional income limit of 15,000 € / year do not exceed! You can apply for a self-support grant online at stipendium.at.

Graduation scholarship

Finally get it ready! The purpose of a graduation scholarship is so that you can concentrate fully on completing your education. Most important requirement: You have been there for the last four years semi-employed for at least three years. You are also allowed to participate in the awarding of the scholarship not older than 41 years old be. The following conditions also apply:

  • Within the next 18 months you will complete your studies - so you are in the Final phase.
  • Your completed course of study is a proper course of study.
  • You have not yet completed any other degree or other equivalent training.
  • In the past 4 years you haveno study grant based.
  • You are an Austrian citizen or an equivalent foreigner.

Annotation: Doctoral studies are excluded from the graduation scholarship.

How high the funding is depends on your previous one Activity and the extent of employment from. Depending on what she can do between € 700 / month and € 1,200 / month level off. If you receive unemployment benefits or parental leave benefits, the amount of the scholarship is reduced. However, family allowance is excluded from the scheme.

Supermaster from WiWo and bdvb

Year after year, graduates across the country put a lot of time and effort into theirs master thesis. In many cases, however, those versions disappear silently and without a sound. There are a lot of good ideas in numerous works that could improve our everyday life. For precisely this reason, WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo) and the Federal Association of German Economists (bdvb) came up with something: The innovative business development program Supermaster is awardedMaster's theses in economics, the relevant everyday problems solve, with25.000€ out.

And these are the conditions of the Supermaster competition: The submitted master's thesis must be one clear economic relevance have and was at a university inGermany, Austria or Switzerland graded and passed. The evaluation, in turn, must not be longer than twelve months lag behind.

Testing is above studying

All in all, one plays good performance it often plays a role in the field of scholarships, but it is not the only criterion. Numerous companies, foundations and also private individuals are very interested in promoting young people. Accordingly, there is one large selection in the scholarship market. So don't get the idea out of your head just because you can't always shine with an excellent performance. At grants.at, Austria's largest online database for scholarships and research funding, you can simply enter a few parameters and you will be suggested suitable scholarships. And the following applies: Give it a try!After all, you have nothing to lose.

We hope we could shed some light on the scholarship chaos. For even more tips on financial matters, read our article “Aid & Financial Support for Students”.