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Keyboard shortcut full screen: If the game starts in window mode ...

PC gamers know the problem: You start a game, but instead of the whole screen being filled with the epic gaming experience, a scruffy little window appears - not epic at all. In this guide we explain to you the methods with which you can extend the game over the entire monitor again.

If the new game only starts in windowed mode, this is of course annoying. With the following tips, you can banish the game splendor on the whole screen again.

1st option: full screen mode via the game settings

First of all, you should always check whether the Video or graphics settings of the respective game. Of course, the menus are different for each game, which is why we cannot give you precise instructions for each game, but a rough direction.

Go to the main menu (or in the launcher) in the options or settings of the title and look for the screen and resolution settings. Either you have to Checkmark at full screen put or if somewhere the term Windowed mode you set this setting to the Full screen view around.

2nd option: Key combination full screen

If the settings have not changed, the universal keyboard shortcut for full screen mode can often help. The game window must be active for this. Then all you have to do is press the key combination ALT + ENTER Press and the window should maximize.

Of course, the whole thing also works the other way around: So you can with the keyboard shortcut ALT + ENTER Full screen applications that have a window mode can also run in the window again.

3rd option: Force full screen with borderless gaming

If neither the settings nor the keyboard shortcut did anything, you can try the free Borderless-Gaming tool. This forces games into that Borderless fullscreen mode. As a result, the games are still in window mode, but this is borderless and extends over the native resolution of your screen.

Download Borderless Gaming here

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