Gruener See underwater park in the dry state

Green lake: ephemeral natural wonder in Styria

TheGreen lake is a unique natural spectacle and is one of Austria's most beautiful bodies of water. Embedded in a beautiful forest and mountain landscape, this place works mystical and fairytale. At the same time, this is probably the only naturally created underwater park in all of Austria. Because what is a hiking trail for trekking fans in autumn and winter turns into a mystical underwater landscape in spring and summer. On the south side of the Hochschwab Group, in the middle of Styria in the idyllic village of Tragöß, lies the Green Lake. Despite and precisely because of the water, numerous visitors are lured to Styria every year who enjoy the rare natural phenomenon want to see with your own eyes. The lake is not only a feast for the eyes below the surface of the water. Above ground, too, the Green Lake reveals itself in all its beauty. Discover that with me emerald green water probably the most beautiful lake in all of Austria.

Green lake

Facts about the Green Lake

Location:Tragöß, Styria; 776 m above sea level
Size: up to 250 m long, 70 m wide and 12 m deep
Water temperature: between 4 - 6 degrees
Origin:Meltwater from the foothills of the Hochschwab Group
Visibility under water: between 40 and 50 m


With the beginning of spring, the truly breathtaking natural event occurs every year. As soon as the temperatures rise and the snow begins to melt on the mountains, the water finds its way here and fills the actual hiking trail withcrystal clear spring water. Since pure water absorbs red light components almost completely, the more the water accumulates and the higher it is, the turquoise and blue to shimmer. The light limestone subsurface reinforces this effect. How much water accumulates in the lake and how deep it is depends on the amount of snow and rainfall.

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Trip to the lake

If you want to visit the Green Lake, you can from April to do. Around Pentecost, most of the meltwater has collected in the lake, so that many visitors come to the Green Lake, especially during the holidays. A trip to the Green Lake is particularly worthwhile when the weather is nice, when the sun's rays hit the crystal clear water and make the lake sparkle. If you plan to go swimming in the lake, you will unfortunately have to be disappointed. After the Green Lake A real rush of visitors in 2016 was experienced to protect the ecosystem Bathing ban imposed. At 4 - 6 ° C water temperature, bathing in the lake is more of a challenge than a pleasure.

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With a Visibility of 40 - 50 meters the green lake is also an absolute highlight under water. Benches, a bridge, whole trees and a hiking trail are beneath the surface of the water. After a video of the Green Lake went viral in 2015, showing a group of divers, the lake has risen to the top of the bucket list of many divers who want to go on a discovery tour in the unique underwater world. Unfortunately that is Diving for the protection of the lake has been banned since 2016.

“If the divers drive over there with their fins on the bottom of the lake, the lake could lose its color. And after it is under nature protection, it is then a very difficult thing ”, says Gerald Wenninger, tourism chairwoman of Tragöß.

Even if the Green Lake can no longer be dived: Due to the very calm surface of the water, you can look almost to the bottom of the lake and explore the beauty of the underwater world from dry land.

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