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At that time the user will
[...] asked the question: "Wasyou do not replymit Linux?
[...] promptted to answer the question "What do you do with Linux?
In the case, theressyoudieAnswer nofindest, write [...]
us at [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible.
If there is not they answer to one of your questions, [...]
write us at [email protected] and we will answer you very soon
If you know a word correctly, the "index card" with this word moves into the second box, where everyone can find it
to be repeated on the second day
[...] should etc. WennYoudie richtiGeAnswer noweeatt, so [...]
a vocabulary back to the first
Box, regardless of the previous level of training.
If you know one correctly, the "file card" for this word goes to the second box, where it
should be repeated every second
[...] day a.s.O. If you do not know the correct answer, a word goit back [...]
to the first box, despite
the training level it was before.
If you deggneanswerbesthave ätigt, kannstnot youzugo back and [...]
As soon as you Have validated your answer, it is no longer possible to go [...]
Although I hardly ask / ObgleggcHyoukouchmanswer;/ Oalthough I hardly understand [...]
/ Although you hardly repeat; /
Although I hardly persist / Although you hardly excuse; / Although I hardly speak out, / Although you hardly judge; / Although I hardly show myself / Although you hardly see me; / Although I hardly look into your eyes / Although you hardly withdraw from me; / Although I hardly follow you / Although you hardly turn; / Although I hardly love you / Although you hardly know it; / Although I can hardly grasp you / Although you hardly tire - / I still search for you and, burning myself in your lap, / I find in your love / Salvation and destruction.
Even though I hardly ask, /
[...] Even thougH you hardly answer; / Even though I hardly understand you, / Even though [...] [...]
/ Even though I hardly insist, / Even though you hardly forgive; / Even though I hardly express myself, / Even though you hardly judge me; / Even though I hardly show myself, / Even though you hardly see me; / Even though I hardly look at you, / Even though you hardly escape; / Even though I hardly follow you, / Even though you hardly turn; / Even though I hardly love you, / Even though you hardly know it; / Even though I hardly hold you; / Even though you hardly sacrifice yourself; / Even so I ask you / And burning myself in your breast, / I save myself and damn myself: love.
Eternal word, from eternity nimmstYoudie Love of the father undanswerauf its reputation. Open the hearts and minds of the young [...] [...]
They learn to let themselves be loved by the one who conceived them in your own image, and that by allowing themselves to be loved they also muster the courage to realize this image which is yours.
Eternal Word, You who from all eternity welcome the love of the F.athere other respond to His approxll, open the hearts other minds oftenhey young [...] [...]
so that they may learn to let themselves be loved by the One who conceived them in the image of His Son and, letting themselves be loved, may they have the courage to realize this image, which is Yours.
Youdenkfor a moment undanswerdann: "My family loves this tree very much and I want to iHnNotabholzen, but [...]
i understand your problem.
You think for a moment and tell him: "My family really loves that tree and I would really rather not chop it down but I do understand [...]
Goodbye until afterwards or tomorrow or at some point the days -
[...] and thank you, theressYouimmer so nicenollanswer.
So bye-bye until later, tomorrow, or some time soon -
[...] and thanks for always responding so prompsly.
A7: Please consider daßNot younur write for the person in whose wayikelYou answer.
[...] at least tHat you're not writing just for the person whose posting you're responding to.
62 And the high priest rose
[...] and spoke to ihm:Are you answeringnichts to what [...]
62 And the high priest arose, and
[...] said unto him, Answerest thou notdownG? what is it [...]
which these witness against thee?
I myself am love and you are
my image to the extent that the splendor of love shines in you, in
[...] to the extent in demyoumir with Liebeanswer".
I myself am love, and you are my image to the extent in which the splendor of love shines in you, to the
[...] extent in whI you respond to me with love ".
It is of course important that you are as complete as possible
Give information and in all tests
[...] also realH sOanswer,wieYoudenkst, so that [...]
it really fits together.
It is important, at this point, that your data is as complete as
[...] possibled that you answer the testquestions as [...]
realistic as possible to make sure that
companies and candidates with the right fit come together.
W.asare you answeringM.enschen who say [...]
that you can't make unique music without hardware?
W.Has do you answer to people saying that [...]
without hardware one cannot make unique music?
W.ennyouschnell genuGanswer,wirstyoubeatanswer the 12 questions but take care to alleNotzu banswer [...] [...]
Running & out of your energy!
I.f you answer quickly enough, you'll be able to answer the 12 questions but take care not to answer all of them before [...]
the end of the race & save your energy!
In Sister White's next note, she describes a meeting where she
[...] [...] said: I have a question for you and I want to theressyoudarauf only with yes or Noinanswer-son't nothing.
This next quote from sister White, is describing when she was having a
[...] [...] a guy tHas interrupted here and said: "have a question for you and I watt you to answer- Yit or No - and nothung else!
60 And the high priest got up and stood among them and asked
[...] Jesus and spracH:Are you answeringnichts to what [...]
60 And the high price stood up in the midst, and asked
[...] Jesus, saying, Answerest thou nothing? what is it [...]
which these witness against thee?
O Allah I implore you, through your words, and (in the name of) the (exalted) positions of your throne, and through the inhabitants of your heavens,
[...] [...] envoy, daßyoumiranswer(meggno gebeteanswer),there I truly [...] [...]
Shackled (in my business), (therefore, O Allah), I beg you to bless Muhammad and his family and ease my troubles.
O Allah I beseech Thee, through Thy words, and (in the name) of the (exalted) positions of Thy throne, and through the inhabitants of Thy
[...] [...] Prophets and Messtighters, that Thou may answer me (i.e. answer my prayhe), as indeed [...] [...]
with difficulty [in my affair], (therefore, O Allah) I beseech Thee to send blessing on Muhammad and his family, and ease my hardship.
If you mind a new topic
want to cut, then please send a new mail, otherwise it will be in the thread
[...] is sorted on denyou answer.
If on the other hand you want to start a new issue then please send a new mail because otherwise it is sorted into
[...] the tMread you are answering.
After a few seconds you will close your phone
[...] ring, heyren,you answerund your reputation will [...]
be forwarded in automatic
After some second you will feel yours
[...] telephono ring, you answer atd your call want [...]
be forwarded in automatic
On the other hand shouldtestyou,wennyouauf a kindikelanswerdein best to [...]
do to make sure the previous speaker understands you too.
On the other Hand, when answering, please dO your best to use a languagee [...]you are aware the previous sender understands.