Which service uses port 12346

Which software uses which port?

portservicepurpose20, 21FTP (File Transfer Protocol)Upload / download files22SSH (Secure Shell)Control of Linux servers23TelnetControl of servers, remote connections25SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)Send emails43WhoisQuery website owners53DNS (Domain Name System)Translate IP addresses into domain names80HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)Visit websites92NPP (Network Printing Protocol)Print on the network110POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3)Receive emails119NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)Newsgroups123NTP (Network Time Protocol)Time alignment143IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)Send and receive e-mails via server389LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)Access folders on the network443HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol via SSL)Visiting websites in encrypted form445SMB (Server Message Block)Share files with others in Windows554RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)Transfer video and sound563NNTPS (Network News Transfer Protocol via SSL)Encrypted newsgroups993IMAPS (Internet Message Access Protocol via SSL)Send and receive encrypted emails via server995POPS (Post Office Protocol via SSL)Receive encrypted emails1433MSSQL (Microsoft SQL)Database services1863MSNP (Microsoft Network Protocol)Chat with Windows Live Messenger3306MYSQL (MySQL)Database services3389RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)Control of Windows servers3724World of WarcraftPlay online role-playing game4000ICQ (I seek you)Chat with ICQ4662, 4672eMuleShare files with others in a decentralized manner5190-5193AOL (America Online)Surf with AOL5222, 5269JabberChat with Jabber5050Yahoo! MessengerWith Yahoo! Messenger chat5060SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)Calling Others (VOIP)5800VNCHTTP (VNC via HTTP)Maintain computers remotely5900VNCMaintain computers remotely6112Guild WarsPlay online role-playing game6667IRC (Internet Relay Chat)Chat on a server6888-6999Bit torrentShare files with others in a decentralized manner8080HTTP proxyVisit websites through another server