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JPG or PNG: which format should I use?

There are so many different image format options that it seems difficult to choose. Do not worry! In this blog post we compare JPG with PNG and explain which format should be chosen in which situation.

Important questions before choosing a format

Two important questions to ask before choosing a format:

What kind of image do you have? Is it a photo or an illustrated graphic? Does any part of the graphic have to be transparent?

Where should the picture appear or in what way should it be published? Are there any file size limits?

The answers to these questions will help you decide which is the optimal file format.

What is JPG?

The JPG image format was developed in 1992 by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). The group set out to make large photo files smaller so that they could be more easily shared with others.

When an image is in JPG is converted there Loss of qualitybecause the compression is lossy. Certain information is irrevocably deleted. A JPG file has one smaller file size compared to a PNG file.

You should always use JPG when the file size is the deciding factor.

There are also tools that can be used to make the file even smaller. This is particularly useful for web images as it reduces the loading times of a web page. People with slower internet connections and less powerful computers will be grateful for making files smaller.

What is PNG?

The PNG file format, usually called PING, was created in the mid-1990s and was intended to replace the GIF (Graphic Interchange Format). Certain limitations of the GIF format initiated the development of PNG and the new format spread quickly.

An important advantage of the PNGFile format compared to JPG is the support of transparency. You can place a transparent background around an irregularly shaped object and thus avoid a white or different colored box always appearing around the picture. If you need transparency, PNG is the right choice.

Compared: Image without (JPG) and with (PNG) transparent background.

The file compression for a PNG file is lossless. All information is retained even if the file is compressed. Lossless compression is necessary if you have not finished editing the images. The PNG format is often used when file size is not an issue and the image is relatively complex. A PNG file can store more information than a JPG file. PNG is also ideal for graphics, like the icon below. We also use PNG on the TechSmith Snagit product page.

Which format is the right one - JPG or PNG?

There is no right or wrong answer! The choice is a kind of optimization process and we should base our decision on the factors described above.

More file formats are covered in this blog article: What You Should Know About Image Formats.

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