Chamaeleon color beads wholesale

Kolortek Chameleon Color Beads, Chameleon Flip Flop Car Color Pigment

Chameleon Flip Flop Auto Color Pigment.Color shift pigment is a high-tech synthetic inorganic pigment aggravated by several inorganic oxide materials.

Color shift pigments shows changing colors & strong color flowing effect when viewed from different angles. Multi color series, different particle sizes are available for wide application and customer needs. As on a new generation of pearl pigments, it can add great value and improve the visual impact.



Chameleon Flip Flop Auto Color Pigment Series

They include: 2 color shifts series and 4 color shifts

Chameleon effect pigment powder series 2 color shifts

They are mostly used in the cosmetics industry, such as eyeshadow, nail polish etc, with excellent color effects, bring you a brand new vision impact.



Chameleon Flip Flop Auto Color Pigment 4 color shifts

We totally have 5 different color shift shades of the 4 color changing shift pigments, see as below:

However, the particle size are range from <15μM to 100-250μM.

The 4 color shift pigments are widely used in paint & coatings, plastics, leather etc, with fanstic pearlescent color shift effects.


Chameleon effect pigment powder features and properties

1. Color changes by angles, magical color with a high mirror effect

2. Inorganic, multilayer coating, light bright and color

3. Non-toxic, odorless, good light / heat / weather resistance.

4. Free from heavy metal.


Chameleon is suitable for a large number of coating applications, such as industrial and plastic coatings, powder and leather coatings, and dispersion paints. With weather coating, it gives automobile coatings a special something and shows its surprising color playing in architectural applications.