Where is muscovite found

Where is the treasure?

Ask Malte, Nora Behrens and Nubb Nubb about the treasure and find it.


Which of you smelly dogs dug up my treasure ?! About you, Malte? I know you were the last grin in the dead man's tavern when I talked about the treasure! Or you, Nora Behrens, huh? After all, you filled me up nicely back then! Nubb Nubb, you guys are on my nerves too! I don't trust a hozen more than I can throw him. That is VERY FAR, but you know what I mean! Somebody stole my goddamn treasure!


You get:


Upon completing this quest, you will receive:
If you enter the following in-game, you can check that you have already completed this:
/ run print (C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted (49409))



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