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What to expect in the new edition of MEEDIA

Sometimes you are spoiled for choice. We felt like this this week. Because in issue # 18 there are two big interview series to discover.

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Mission mainstream

Despite hopeful pandemic news, the interview had to
with Henning Nieslony and Henning Tewes, the two TV-Now managing directors, will take place digitally. In conversation with MEEDIA duo Christa Catharina Müller and Thomas Borgböhmer, for example, they talked about the planned growth of the platform, new target groups or the collaboration in the Bertelsmann Content Alliance. You can find the article here.

From Lewinski

An almost unbounded curiosity caused Franziska von Lewinski to switch from the construction to the digital economy. Even 20 years later, it seems that she doesn't have a job, but a calling. She is still fascinated by helping to shape the future in a real and meaningful way. MEEDIA editor Claudia Bayer spoke to the CEO of Syzygy about her professional path and her future plans. You can read the interview here.

Portrait: Iris Gavric and Matthias Renger

They both come from the agency world. Gavric founded the Berlin agency Arouse in 2018, Renger has been creative director there since it was founded, including for Fisherman’s Friend. The couple
celebrates - mind you, everyone for themselves - but also on TikTok one success after the other. A portrait of two people whose life could not have been more different. You can find the article by Luca Schallenberger here.

Have fun reading!