What causes wrinkles in the ear lobe

Anti aging tips for the ears

From STYLEBOOK | March 04, 2016, 4:02 p.m.

The earlobes become longer with age, and in some women they appear particularly slack and wrinkled. STYLEBOOK.de spoke to experts about how to counteract this and what options there are when it is actually too late.

There are anti-aging measures for the teeth, the skin on the face, in the cleavage, on the hands - and, yes, also on the earlobes. If you neglect them, you will soon see it in the mirror: the earlobes are getting longer, sagging and wrinkled.

It's not nice, but it's a completely normal phenomenon - which luckily can be counteracted. How exactly, STYLEBOOK.de knows from two experts: the Munich dermatologist Dr. med. Timm Golüke and Prof. Dr. Borges, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery from Freiburg.

► This is why earlobes are getting longer
As everywhere on the human body, the connective tissue becomes weaker over time. The result: The skin loses its elasticity and finds it harder (and at some point not at all) to return to its old shape if it is permanently stressed by heavy earrings

► What can you do about it yourself?
"Internalize yourself that the ears are part of general skin care," advises Dr. Golüke. So: after applying cream to the face, rub a small part into the earlobes and also advise the beautician at the facial to treat the ears as well. As a preventive measure, the dermatologist advises against wearing heavy earrings too often, which ultimately wear out the tissue permanently.

► What professional measures are there?
Dr. Golüke advises aesthetic-cosmetic treatments such as chemical or mechanical peelings, which are also offered by specialists in his Munich practice. In microdermabrasion, for example, the top layer of skin is removed using a grinding head with a diamond attachment. In retrospect, care products rich in active ingredients ensure rapid regeneration.

► What to do when it's too late?
Dr. Golüke relies on injections with hyaluronic acid when wrinkles have already spread on the earlobes. "This plumps up wrinkles and the skin looks plump again." The procedure is completed within ten minutes, is practically painless and costs from around 100 euros, but it can also be effective for up to six months. "The earlobe is not actively moved, so the injected acid only degrades very slowly." Unlike fillers, botox would be of no use at this point, explains Dr. Golüke. "You don't have any muscles in your earlobes that could be paralyzed with the neurotoxin."

► In extreme cases ...
.... a visit to the beauty doc helps. In his Freiburg practice, Prof. Borges also offers treatments for extremely dilated ear holes or even torn ear lobes. "With local anesthesia, the hole is cut out from behind, so to speak, and then the skin is tied closer together with a very fine needle," explains Prof. Borges in the STYLEBOOK interview. This procedure does not leave any scars. The costs vary between approx. 300 and 900 euros, depending on the effort and severity.

By the way: Now those who are normally rather unhappy with their ears can finally rejoice: Grown-on earlobes are not necessarily considered an ideal of beauty, but age much less. Here the skin is tighter and does not hang down.

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