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nutrition - What the addition of "hay milk" means to cheese and yogurt

The term "hay milk" can be found on milk cartons, cheese packs or yoghurt cups - but not everyone can do something with it. There is one major difference to conventional milk.

This consists in the fact that hay milk comes from cows that have only been fed grass, legumes, grain and hay. You do not receive any silage, i.e. fermented forage made from grass or grain, explains Andrea Danitschek from the Bavarian Consumer Center.

Hay milk is considered to be of particularly high quality in terms of taste and ingredients. It is mainly used to make raw cheese, as it contains hardly any undesirable bacteria that can interfere with cheese ripening. Since March 2016, hay milk products have had the EU mark "guaranteed traditional specialty (g.t.S.)". For this, manufacturers must adhere to binding standards. For example, they are not allowed to feed their cows genetically modified feed.