Whole blood versus plasma blood sugar

Whole Blood or Plasma?

Blood sugar levels: precise, correct, accurate

Anyone who has previously used a blood sugar measuring system calibrated for whole blood and is now switching to a plasma calibrated one (e.g. mylife Unio) or vice versa may have to reckon with new target values.

However, you have to change when interpreting the results: Because the glucose concentration in plasma is around 10-15 percent higher than in whole blood, the measuring devices with plasma-calibrated test strips show values ​​that are around 10-15 percent higher.

For example, if a meter that is calibrated for whole blood shows a value of 200mg / dL (11.1mmol / L), a plasma-calibrated device will show 220 to 230mg / dL (12.2 to 12.8mmol / L) . You have to get used to it. It is best to discuss with your doctor to what extent your target values ​​need to be adjusted.

In the future, all manufacturers will probably switch to plasma, which has already happened in many European countries. Diabetics can find information on how their device is calibrated in the package insert for the test strips or in the operating instructions for the measuring device.