How birds help the environment in Hindi

Feeding birds in winter?

The loss of landforms with varied grain fields, meadows, hedges, bushes and orchards is now endangering more than half of our bird species, and one in ten in Germany is in danger of becoming extinct. For a long time now, surfaces sealed with concrete and asphalt have made it more and more difficult for our feathered friends to find suitable shelter and breeding grounds. And that the most important food sources of many bird species - field trees and wild verges - are removed so that the fields can be worked with even larger machines.

But especially in winter, when frost and snow make it impossible to forage on the ground, these food plants can make the difference between starvation and survival for skylarks, sparrows, partridges and the like. That is why the BUND has set itself the task of creating urgently needed "species protection islands" throughout Germany, which can also be the rescue for birds in need. There they find suitable breeding places and even in severe winters they can still find food.

We need your help for this extensive protection program. For many years now, BUND activists have been using hoes and spades all over Germany to plant hedges, bushes and trees. In addition, some cities and municipalities implement their own planting and renaturation programs on the initiative and with the help of BUND.

So in the last 25 years between Arheilgen and Wixhausen hedge strips and ruderal strips emerged at the suggestion of the BUND - which flowed into the municipal program "Renaturation of field ditches in Arheilgen and Wixhausen" and were previously coordinated with the local farms.

BUND Darmstadt is still planning a wild fruit hedge on the Oberfeld and the creation of a nautical adventure border in a new building area (see Environment Fair Association 4-2010 / Insect Hotel). Unfortunately, in addition to money, this also takes a lot of time until the planning can be coordinated and then implemented.