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Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a challenging action role-playing game, but we're here to help you adventure through the dark world of Lothric. Here you will find the most important tips to defeat the Ash Lords and all the evils of the game. You will also get to know the new weapon skills. This is your guide to Dark Souls 3.

Welcome to Dark Souls 3. It is the last part of the RPG series, the last Dark Souls. The head of developer From Software, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has already made this clear. But don't worry. Dark Souls 3 is a masterpiece, a crowning glory. We have already tested it for many hours and can recommend it to anyone who likes demanding role-playing games.

Dark Souls 3 in the test: the last Dark Souls is so good

We played the last Dark Souls for more than 30 hours. Is it really a worthy end to the series? Read the answer in our review.

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The story of the title is vague as it is fascinating. You go to a game world called Lothric. This is where the realms of the Ash Lords meet, but Aldrich, Farron's Guardian of the Abyss and Yhorm have left their thrones. The fire of the world goes out. You are now setting out to defeat the Ash Lords. This is not an easy task, but with these tips you are well prepared.

Character creation before launch

First of all, you have to create a character. Choose the name of your warrior, customize your appearance and choose your class. In Dark Souls 3 ten classes are available to you: the knight, mercenary, herald, thief, assassin, magician, pyromancer, cleric and the beggar. We show you all classes of Dark Souls 3 with the different starting attributes.

Dark Souls 3: All character classes at a glance

In Dark Souls 3 you choose one of several character classes at the beginning. In the pictures you can also see the start attributes with which you plunge into the action role-playing game.

Choose the class based on your preferred playstyle and choose a funeral present as well. It is a bonus that you get at the start of the game. It is best to choose the ring of life, because it permanently increases your life energy. Many other gifts are consumable gifts and are not very worthwhile - some of them you will find in the course of the game anyway. Nevertheless, here you have an overview of all funeral gifts:

  • Ring of Life (increases HP)
  • Divine Blessing (restores all HP)
  • Blessing d. God of War (restores all HP)
  • Black fire bomb
  • Fiery Gem (for upgrading firearms)
  • Adoptable soul (you get many souls)
  • Rusty Gold Coin (Find More Items)
  • Burst. Red eyeball (invade other worlds)
  • Young white branch (use imitation spell)

It starts in Dark Souls 3 on the dead field of ashes. In the first area you will familiarize yourself with the controls. Here you can try out how to attack, block, evade, use the bow, parry with the shield or inflict a lot of damage on opponents from behind on weak opponents.

Endurance always in view

In Dark Souls you don't just hit it senseless. Many actions cost you stamina (green bar in the top left). If the stamina bar is empty, you can no longer attack or block. This is your death quickly. So be careful in which situation you attack how often and always keep an eye on perseverance.

Doesn't just block everything, but also evades or cleverly avoids the attacks of the opponent. Every now and then, take your time to regenerate stamina. Let the enemy's blows run into the void and strike at such moments as ice-cold. If you are new to the game, take a look at the following quick tips and you'll be a little smarter in the game right from the start:

It goes quickly to the first beacon - your resting place, where you replenish your life energy and use the fast travel option to explored areas. Here you can also increase the effect of your Estus bottles by throwing "undead bone fragments" into them.

Boss fights in Dark Souls 3

But don't rest too long by the first beacon, because you have to keep going. After a few minutes you are fighting the first boss in the game. Run to him and pull the sword out of his body, the battle begins. In our boss guide to Iudex Gundyr we explain exactly how you defeat the first boss.

In the course of the game you will have to fight many more boss fights. As nicely as the bosses are designed differently, there are still a few tips that almost always work against them.

Many bosses are bigger than you and usually cause a lot of damage in frontal combat. So don't stand in front of them too often and try to get behind them. Attack the boss here and turn with him if he wants to turn to you. However, watch out for boss attacks that cause area damage. Most of the time, bosses in Dark Souls 3 have few such attacks available. If you recognize them, keep your distance a little and then attack again.

All boss guides for Dark Souls 3

Boss fights in Dark Souls 3 can be tricky at times. But here we show you a video guide for each boss and give you tips for victory. Little by little you will find an overview of all boss guides here.

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This approach often works, but not for every boss. Watch the boss and try to gauge when to attack. With a little patience you should win this way in Dark Souls 3.

If you take about half of the life energy from most bosses, they become stronger. Some transform into a different shape, call mirror images or draw another weapon. The fight can quickly become more stressful. Always be aware of this. If you want to be ideally prepared for the battles, you should have an overview of all boss guides for Dark Souls 3. There gradually guides appear for all fights. We'll give you tips there in a video that shows you the complete boss fight. So always drop by there.

Fireband Shrine

Now you've defeated the first boss and you already know more about fighting with bosses. It can go on in good spirits. Exit the beacon at Iudex Gundyr and run up the stairs to the Fireband Shrine. This is your headquarters in Dark Souls 3.

You will find the fire keeper in the building. With her you can move up in the level by spending a certain number of souls. You get souls by killing opponents. You can also find souls scattered around the game world and use them up in your inventory. This is particularly useful if you are only short of a few souls to level up.

All traders and teachers in Dark Souls 3

You can also use souls to buy items from the merchant (shrine maiden), which you can find on the chair in the long corridor of the shrine. Get weapons or consumables like incendiary bombs or throwing knives. In the course of the game you will find items that you hand over to the trader and thus unlock more goods.

In Dark Souls 3 you will also find characters who will later also be available to you in the Fireband Shrine as traders and teachers and who will sell you other objects such as weapons or spells. So save people in the game from dungeons and hopeless situations. On netzwelt we show you the locations of Greirat, Yoel (for magicians), Cornyx (pyromancy) or Karla (dark magic). See how you can find all dealers in Dark Souls 3 with us.

Use the advantages of the blacksmith - find all titanite blocks

The blacksmith, whom you can hear hammering in the back of the hallway, is also particularly important. You should strengthen your weapons with him as soon as you have found the necessary materials. These are, for example, titanite disks, titanite lumps or titanite blocks - there are many more. Improving weapons is important in order to be able to keep up with strong opponents as the game progresses.

Small titanite shards improve weapons to the third level +3, large titanite shards increase the value to +6 and with chunks of titanite you reach +9. Further down in the article you will find good routes on which you can ideally farm souls and titanite.

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If you want to reach the highest level of a normal weapon (+10), you need titanite clods. You can also strengthen special weapons such as boss weapons from a conversion with titanite clods to the highest level (+5). However, these materials cannot be farmed and are hidden in fixed locations. Check out our video to see where you can find all the titanite clods.

But with the blacksmith you also have other advantages. If you find Estus shards in the game, you can give them to the bearded owl and increase the number of your Estus bottles. So you always have more healing potions in your luggage.

PC system requirements for Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 looks really chic. To ensure that it runs smoothly on your PC, you should take a look at the system requirements.

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In addition, you regulate the ratio of yellow Estus bottles and blue ash Estus bottles at the blacksmith's. With the blue Asche-Estus bottles you fill up the blue bar under your life energy. You need this focus bar to use weapon skills. Adjust the ratio of both potions to suit your style of play. Ask yourself if you want to heal more or use weapon skills more often.

New in Dark Souls 3: weapon skills

Give the new weapon skills a chance. They can give you decisive advantages in combat. For example, you drastically reduce damage taken with the mace. With the long sword you put yourself in a fighting stance, from which you lever out the cover of the enemy and kill him with further blows.

A weapon skill is always tied to a specific weapon. You cannot choose them freely. For example, if you use the mace mentioned above, you can only use that defensive skill.

Weapon skills are usually only possible if you wield a weapon with both hands. Then press the lower left shoulder button to perform the weapon skill. Some shields allow you to immediately implement weapon skills by pressing the button - without having to switch to the two-handed grip. That saves important time. After all, in combat you can bless the temporal every second.

Dark Souls 3 in the test

Dark Souls 3 is an action RPG from the developer From Software. The title is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

If you use weapon skills, your deployment always costs something from your blue focus bar. Often the endurance is also reduced. You can recharge the focus points with the blue Asche-Estus bottles. You regenerate the flacons in turn at beacons.

The best weapons in the game

Weapon skills may be helpful, but you should generally be able to handle the weapon of your choice well. It is even more important whether you prefer to play with one-handed swords, great swords, bows or spears. Many weapons have different series of blows, which differ depending on the weapon category. Try different weapons and find out which ones appeal to you the most.

This is how you can find the best weapons

We'll gradually show you which weapons are best in Dark Souls 3. You can also see many locations in the videos. So you just have to follow the path.

Watch now

Choose your weapon not only according to your play style and preference, but also according to the attribute bonus. In the inventory you can see this in the information about the weapon in the form of a letter. An "A" for the Strength attribute means that you cause a lot of damage, especially if your character has a high Strength value. An "A" or a "B" in the skill attribute increases the damage to a high skill value - an "E" would not be as pronounced. If you pay attention to the appropriate scaling with the attribute and a regular improvement of the weapon at the blacksmith, you will always cause as much damage as possible in Dark Souls.

If you want to attack quickly, stab and swing attacks, use the long sword. It's an excellent all-round weapon. If you mainly level dexterity, then take the uchigatana or rapier as a weapon early on. Players with a strength rating of 50 should take a look at the powerful ultra-smoke greatsword.

Multiplayer: Co-op and PvP - so you can "invade" players

Also don't forget that Dark Souls 3 offers multiplayer. You can play co-op with other players. You need the item "White Symbol Soapstone" for this. Other players see the call symbol on the ground and can summon your phantom.

If you are looking for a special challenge, you compete against human players in PvP (player against player). Use the item "Broken, red eyeball" and you penetrate the world of another player (called "invade" in Dark Souls parlance). If you have done this, the item is used up.

Find all oaths (covenants) and collect rewards

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In various areas of the game you can take oaths and join a "faction", such as the Warriors of Sunlight, Farron's Guard Dogs, Aldrich's Faithful or the Blue Guardians. Collect oath-specific items such as sunlight medals or grassblood blades and hand them in packs of ten or thirty to the appropriate altar or non-player character. In return, you will receive rewards. You can see what you get from the table below.

For more information about the modes, check out our multiplayer guide to co-op, PvP and all oaths. There you can also find out how to post messages online and warn other players or give them tips. You can also see the locations of all oaths in the video. Just follow the paths and you should get all of the oaths in the game.

oathobjectReward for 10 itemsReward for 30 items
Warrior of the SunlightSunlight MedalMiracle "holy oath""Miracle" Great Lightning Spear "
The blue pathxxx
Blue guardiansProof of unityDark moon ringDark Moon Blade
Blade of the Dark MoonProof of unityDark moon ringDark Moon Blade
Rosaria's fingerPale tongueRing of mistMan grub rod
WallbauerLigaments of the spineKatana "Bloodlust"Pyromancy "warmth"
Farron's watchdogsWolf Blood Grass BladeCurved sword of the old wolfWolf ring and large shield of the wolf knight
Aldrich's faithfulHuman dregs"Deep Soul" spellGrand Staff of the Archdeacon
All oaths and rewards in Dark Souls 3

Sorcery, pyromancy and miracles

If you prefer a neat spell to bare steel, you should also know the basics of the game. To do magic in Dark Souls 3, you have to equip a magic wand and tune in a spell on a beacon. Rest at the beacon and simply select the magic you want. But see if your attributes meet the minimum requirements of the spell. As a rule, you just need a high level of intelligence. If you do magic, it costs you points on your focus bar.

If you don't have enough spells in your inventory for your taste, you can buy some. The Shrine Maiden, for example, has something on offer. Unlocks other magic dealers as well. For example, Yoel can be found on the bridge behind the first beacon of the undead settlement. Talk to him and he should appear in the fireband shrine from now on. You can find him on the lower level in a corner at the end of a long hallway. He's now selling you spells.

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If you primarily want to attack with fire spells, you can use pyromancy. To do this, you need the "Pyromancy Flame" item, which you can place on a weapon slot in the quick menu. To do this, you have to choose a pyromancy skill such as the fireball at the beacon.

If you play the Pyromancer class, you have a pyromancy flame in your inventory right from the start. However, if you start with another class, you will have to find it first. You can get them from the pyromancer and trader Cornyx, whom you have to free from a cage in the undead settlement. Above in the video you can see the location of Cornyx. In the fire band shrine you look for him on the lower level.Go to the blacksmith and then down the stairs to the right.

You can also go to Lothric as a cleric to convince the Damones with your firm belief and your mace. Equipped a bell like the "Holy Cleric Bell" and tuned in a miracle at a beacon and you can trigger supernatural events. They cost you some of your focus and stamina bars. You can buy miracles from Irina von Carim, for example.

Find Estus Shards and Undead Bone Shards

If you play Dark Souls 3 alone, you collect as many Estus shards as possible. There are eleven broken pieces in the game world. Find them and give them to the blacksmith. If you rest by a beacon again, you can then carry one more Estus bottle.

Shards of undead bones enhance the effect of your bottles. You should also always keep an eye out for these objects. Throw them into the beacon of the fire band shrine and get back significantly more life after consuming a "drink". We show you on netzwelt all locations of the Estus shards and undead bone splinters in Dark Souls 3.

Farming souls and titanite - these routes are suitable

You now know how you start in Dark Souls 3 and what basics you have to pay attention to. You have probably also decided on a certain character and your own style of play.

In order to become really stronger, however, you need souls to level up. There are some areas in the game where you can get souls and materials to forge very quickly. We also show you in videos which places are the best farm spots of Dark Souls 3. In a few minutes you will get tens of thousands of souls there.

If you want to cheat something, you can also use an exploit in Dark Souls 3. With a trick you can duplicate boss souls and collect many souls by consuming them. We also show you a video in which the exploit can be seen for many souls.

Selfies in Dark Souls 3 - this is how it works

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All that soul farming can be tiring. Do something funny, like a selfie. In the video of the YouTube channel Grail of Memories you can see some nice shots of a character.

So you make a selfie in Dark Souls 3 by equipping a crossbow, holding down the weapon skill and standing in front of a wall. Now adjust the camera so that you can see your character from the front and just take a screenshot.

Become a dragon and breathe fire

However, the practical jokes don't stop with selfies. You can also transform yourself into a dragon and spit fire. To do this, you have to find and equip at least two dragon stones in the game. With a total of four stones you unleash the whole power of the dragon. For this you need the dragon head stone, the dragon body stone, the sparkling dragon head stone and the sparkling dragon body stone.

You can find the stones a little later in the game and you also have to travel to an optional area so that you can get all the stones. We'll show you in another article where you can find the dragon stones. We also present you a video with gameplay scenes. This is how you transform yourself into a dragon in Dark Souls 3.

Reassign attributes - this is how you find Rosaria

You've played Dark Souls 3 for a while, but your character may not suit you. If you increased the wrong attributes when you leveled up, you can undo this. Find Rosaria, the mother of rebirth. She is in a secret hiding place in the Cathedral of the Abyss.

We show you in a video how you can find Rosaria in Dark Souls 3. With her you take an oath and from now on you can reassign attributes, change your appearance, or offer the item "Pale Tongue". For ten and 30 tongues you will receive rewards.

Play First DLC: Welcome to Ashes of Ariandel

"Ashes of Ariandel" is the first of the two expansions (DLCs) for Dark Souls 3. In this additional content you enter the painted world of Ariandel if you know the entrance. Travel to the Cathedral of the Abyss to the beacon in front of the altar between the two gates. There is a person crouching to the right of the altar. Talk to her several times and touch the painting she is holding. This is how you get to the first expansion.

In another article we not only show you the entrance to Ashes of Ariandel, but also point you to video guides for the new bosses. We'll also tell you how to unlock the new PvP arena in an RPG.

Play the second DLC: "The Ringed City" awaits you

The second and final DLC of Dark Souls 3 is called "The Ringed City". Once again you enter a nightmarish world of death and ruin. We'll show you how to find the entrance to the last expansion. If you have already defeated Sister Friede, you will find a new beacon at the place of her death that will bring you to the new DLC. If you have not yet defeated peace, you will find a new beacon at the final boss, the soul of the ashes.

That is not all. We will of course also help you in the battles with the toughest opponents of the expansion. So you can find out from us how to defeat the first boss named "Demon Prince" in "The Ringed City". After that, you will probably have to fight with half-light, the "spear of the church". We are adding more boss guides for the DLC.

New Game + ahead - you should pay attention to that

In Dark Souls 3 there is a New Game +. So once you've played through the game, you can start over with your character (with their level and weapons). As soon as you have destroyed the last boss, you will be given a choice. You can start over. Better not do this. You then lose all important objects of the story (keys or ashes) as well as all fast travel points at the beacon. You can later determine when you want to start with the New Game + yourself.

Dark Souls 3 is big and full of secrets. You can first explore optional areas and collect missing items. It is also advisable to continue strengthening weapons and shields at the blacksmith. If you play Dark Souls 3 all over again, you will initially only collect inferior materials to improve your equipment.

Have you improved weapons, found more items and explored all areas, you can consider a new passage. Start it by sitting down by the beacon in the fireband shrine. Here you can choose the option "New Game +" and play Dark Souls 3 again.

This article will be gradually updated and additional content will be added. In this way, you will find out more about weapon skills, object locations or routes to farming later. If you don't mind spoilers, you can check out Dark Souls 3's speedrun world record. The speedrunner finished the role play in under two hours.

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