Khowar language history in the United

the English Church

  • English Church (Arosa) - English Church around 1920 The English Church (St. Luke's Church) in Arosa was an Anglican church in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. From 1908 to 1985 it stood between the train station and the Arosa post office on the corner…… German Wikipedia

  • English Church (Stockholm) - The English Church in Stockholm The English Church (Swedish Engelska kyrkan) "St Peter and St Sigfrid" is a church in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. The sermons are given in English. Table of contents… German Wikipedia

  • English Church (Wiesbaden) - The English Church in Wiesbaden, taken from the adjacent Villa Clementine The English Church (officially: Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury, Wiesbaden) is a neo-Gothic church building on the corner of Frankfurter Strasse and Kleine…… German Wikipedia

  • English Church (Hamburg) - View from the Zeughausmarkt to the portico of the English Church The English Church, actually St. Thomas a Becket Church in Hamburg's Neustadt district, is a classicist building from 1838. Table of contents… German Wikipedia

  • Church of England - The Church of England (German: the Church of England) is the mother church of the Anglican Communion, so that its history largely coincides with it. It is the last actual regional church within communion that the…… German Wikipedia

  • English history - Stonehenge The History of England is the historical look at the largest and most populous part of the United Kingdom. The name "England" comes from the time after the immigration of the Anglo-Saxons. After first…… German Wikipedia

  • English literature - English literature. Macaulay rightly says that of all that England can be proud of, her literature is the most brilliant and enduring. Everywhere, as in the language, the Germanic keynote sounds through, connected one after the other with ... ... Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  • English language history - The history of the English language is divided into four phases, which can be chronologically classified as follows: Old English 449 to 1066 Middle English 1066 to approx. 1500 Early Modern English approx ... German Wikipedia

  • English Revolutions of the 17th Century: About Faith and Law - From today's perspective, the 17th century in Great Britain was an age of revolutions. Contrary to the fears of many contemporaries, there were no uprisings when the son of Maria Stuart, Jacob VI. of Scotland, Queen Elizabeth…… Universal Lexicon

  • English language - English language. At the time of Caesar, when Britain came into the light of history, it was inhabited by Celts, whose language is divided into two tribes: Irish Gaelic, which is still used today in Ireland, on the Isle of Man and in the Scottish ... ... Meyer's Great Conversational Dictionary

  • Church of England - Church of England, Anglican Church, English The Church of England [ȓə tʃəːtʃəv ɪȖglənd], Established Church [ɪs tæblɪʃd], Anglican Church [æȖglɪkən], the English state church and "established national church" of England; Mother Church…… Universal Lexicon