CFR admits to chemtrails what they spray

Leipzig district - Contrail photo sparked debate about chemtrails

Hardly a cloud covers the sky, the sun shines down on the Leipzig district. Martina Reiche looks up at the sky and discovers a cross made of contrails. The three lines intersect at exactly one point. She found a pretty motif and sent a picture to the Leipziger Volkszeitung. The photo is published on Facebook and immediately gets the full attention of the network community. Hundreds of comments and theories about the creation of the image are received under the post.

Chemtrail squadrons are at work here and have delivered the daily dose of aluminum and barium over the district of Leipzig. The flight routes are of course precisely calculated, everything for an optimal distribution of the heavy metal cocktail - at least if you believe the Facebook comments under the umpteen-fold shared and discussed image.

What is behind the chemtrail theories?

The history of chemtrails, ie cocktails made from chemicals that are sprayed into the air by airplanes and leave white streaks behind, is almost as old as the contrails themselves. The various theories have also been online for more than two decades. There it is explained how the chemtrails get to heaven and why it is kept from the public. Some theories are well thought out and difficult to refute; other theories are obviously just hot air.

From large-scale weather manipulation to poisoning of humanity to the initiation of world domination by lizard people, everything can be found here. In the background of the theories is the idea that airplanes with modern engines cannot produce contrails at the usual flight altitude. To put it simply, it is cold enough to freeze the water vapor from the drives, but not humid enough so that they can remain in the air as an artificial cloud for a longer period of time. Allegedly simple physics, which many physicists, however, emphatically disagree with. On this point, too, there is anything but agreement among the supporters of the chemtrail theory. Not everyone thinks contrails are made up - some just suspect that heavy metals are mixed in. The community seems just as divided in the justification of its theories. Absurd approaches can be found. Some concoctions are even said to cause homosexuality and thereby limit population growth.

Facebook comments under Martina Reiche's reader photo. Source: Imago / Arnulf Hettrich / Montage Thomas Lieb

Chemtrails as weather manipulation on a large scale

Much speculation and distortion of facts underlie such approaches. However, this does not apply to all theories of "chemis", because weather manipulation is very possible. Several nations have long since confirmed a series of tests on so-called geoengineering. Hail can therefore be caused artificially and rain can be prevented. An expensive process that is a risky intrusion into the atmosphere. Whether the technology can be used against man-made climate change in the long term is seriously debated - but the risk is high and many factors are probably impossible to calculate. These procedures are not officially used.

Facebook comments under Martina Reiche's reader photo. Source: Aapsky / Shutterstock

It is not immediately clear from the comments below the reader's photo to whom the pattern in the airspace above the Leipzig district is due. Speculations are thrown back and forth. Maybe members of the Facebook group “Chemtrailpiloten Deutschland” were at work here, or one of the many squadrons that are stationed in the various federal states according to the social media platform. However, there are fakes behind the accounts: The profiles are not real. No trained pilots hide behind the comments, all just satire.

Federal Environment Agency: No scientific evidence for chemtrails

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) took a position on chemtrails as early as 2011. “There is no scientific evidence whatsoever for the introduction of aluminum compounds into the atmosphere and the formation of so-called chemtrails mentioned in the article mentioned. The phenomena described are also not known to the German Aerospace Center (DLR), ”said the UBA. But the stated arguments of the government institution did not go down well with the scene. On the one hand, because it was of course suspected that the processes are being kept secret here, on the other hand, because the federal government and 15 out of 16 federal states do not carry out any tests for the chemicals in the air - all federal states except Bavaria.

Bavaria also tests dust in the air on aluminum

There, two of the most important components of artificial clouds have been tested in dust deposition measurements for years: aluminum and barium. The light metals are both toxic to humans in high concentrations. One milligram of aluminum per kilogram of body weight is the limit value in the human body that applies across Europe. However, there is no limit value in the air for either metal. The data from the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LFU),