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Kumasi is in central Ghana. The city was the center of the Ashanti Empire before it was destroyed during the colonial conquest. There is still one with today Asantehene titled tribal king who resides here but has only had a purely ritual function since 1933. For the city one has as an advertising slogan Garden City thought up. The part of tourist interest is relatively compact in the area between the zoo and Kejetia market. The population increased by a factor of two from 1970 to 2017.

Arrival [edit]

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By plane

6.714444-1.5905561 () (6 km outside). Former air base. There is still no sign of a new terminal planned for the end of 2015 three years later. However, the runways have been extended so that the planned international flights will be possible at some point. You have to ask yourself whether a 40-minute domestic flight, for US $ 60-90 (2018), from Accra makes ecological sense. Last change: no information

A taxi into the city should be negotiable down to 25-30 ₵ (2018).

By train

The railway line was shut down in 2012.

By bus

Buses to / from Accra take around six hours.

6.687196-1.620172 (somewhat hidden in a cul-de-sac). Inland daily to Takoradi (6 hours) and Tamale (5 hours); also runs internationally: 3 times a week to Ouagadougou in 15 hours. Last change: no information
6.712273-1.6160573,. last change: not specified
6.686708-1.615334 (),. The offices and departure points of these long-distance bus companies, which are 50 m away from the main road, form a kind of central bus station. There are also tro-tros to other large cities. last change: Oct. 2018

On the street [edit]

The second largest city in Ghana is well connected to the trunk road network. On the N6 it is 250 kilometers by road to Accra. On the N8 you drive the 215 kilometers to Cape Coast in four hours.

The N10 leads north via Techiman (126 km) a total of 382 km to Tamale. In Techiman the N12 branches off to Wa, which is reached after another 325 km.

Mobility [edit]

The inevitable in Ghana tro-tros take care of local transport in the city and region in addition to taxis.

6.707452-1.6393045 last change: Jan. 2017 (information may be out of date)

6.700227-1.6225046 (),. last change: not specified

The central one Tro-troStation on Kejetia Circle is, although a specially built bus station, chaotic (like the Asafo Motor Park, see above).
If you know where the stands in the region are, you can get out of the city much faster from the Ring Road.

Sights [edit]

6.699229-1.6308571. Tel .: +233 24 484 0105. Open: Mon.-Sat. 8.00-18.00, last change: Oct. 2018

Kumasi is primarily an economic metropolis on the one hand with its market, on the other hand with Ghana's largest industrial area on the outskirts in the districts of Asokwa and Kaase as well as mining in the region. The number of tourist attractions is manageable.

6.699733-1.625163 (). Upgraded since all animals were moved here after the zoo in Accra was closed. The accommodation could, however, be much more animal-friendly. Last change: no information

Museums [edit]

6.70356-1.6150044,. Tel .: +233 26 118 3144. Open: Mon.-Sat. 9.00-17.00, last change: Oct. 2018
6.701486-1.6299325. The small museum gives an excellent introduction to Ashanti culture and history. Prempeh II was Asantehene from 1931-70. Open: Mon.-Fri. 9.00-17.00, Sat./Sun. 10.00-16.00 Price: 20 ₵. Last change: Oct. 2018
6.691341-1.6248396 (). On the site of the fort, which was built in 1896 after the British conquest. As usual in such institutions, there is a hodgepodge of equipment with which people kill each other. The whole thing drapes with a bit of “tradition.” Open: Tues.-Sat. 8.00-17.00, last change: Oct. 2018

Activities [edit]

The traditional Ashanti calendar is divided into nine sections (Adae) divided into 42 days each. At the end of each section there are two rest / holidays. The end of the ninth Adae is celebrated with the great Odwira festival with lots of music and parades.
Akwasiad is a colorful meeting of chiefs held every six weeks.

There is a golf course.

Shopping [edit]

Artisans in the now incorporated village 6.713469-1.6177121 have specialized in high-quality brass works using the lost wax technique.
Kente fabrics, usually sold in 10 cm wide strips, with characteristic patterns.

Kente fabrics with characteristic geometric patterns made of high quality fabrics belong to the culture of the Akan peoples to which the Ashanti belong. Each pattern has its own name and stands for a saying or an event.

6.688272-1.6156631 () last change: no information

6.69774-1.6222312. Kejetia (Kumasi Central Market) long as the largest market in West Africa. Criminal activity was just as difficult to control as the risk of conflagration. The area will therefore be closed in order to build modern, safe halls. The completion of the first phase with 10,000 stalls, planned for August 2018, has been delayed thanks to botched construction. However, it is hoped to be able to open the new location by the end of the year. Last change: May 2018

Adum is the colonial city center and business district. It's less chaotic here than in the markets.

Accommodation [edit]

(Unfairly, not all hotels state the applicable VAT or accommodation tax of 17.5% and 1% in their prices.)

Inexpensive [edit]

6.694592-1.6238841. The quality that speaks for the simple house is less in need of improvement than the central location and the low prices. Last change: Oct. 2018
6.677936-1.5984712,. Tel .: +233 355 099 7136. With WiFi. The operator is an initiative that supports underprivileged women from the profits. Open: check-in 3 p.m.-11 p.m. Price: 8-bed dormitory ₵ 60, incl. Last change: Oct. 2018
6.687718-1.6211813. The proximity to the STC bus station speaks in favor of this property, which was renovated in 2015. Price: 60 ₵ bathroom. Double 80-130 ₵. Last change: Oct. 2018

Medium [edit]

Upscale [edit]

6.665316-1.6192876. Price: single 230 ₵, double 280 ₵, suite 350 ₵. Last change: Oct. 2018
6.682537-1.6255357,. The “first house on the square.” Price: double € 107-179. Last change: Oct. 2018

Nightlife [edit]

The city center quickly quiets down after business hours at 6 p.m. There are few restaurants or bars. The 6.669254-1.6175677 roundabout is the best place to find something like nightlife, if not the cheap kind. Insofar as there are local women in bars, they are usually working “ladies” in high-heeled shoes and a striking cleavage. There are Lebanese and Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood.

6.678133-1.6217721 (),. Tel .: +233 32 202 3500. With bar and connected upper middle class hotel. Last change: Jul. 2016 (information may be out of date)

Health [edit]

Climate diagram for Kumasi.
6.69725-1.6286522,. Tel .: +233 32 202 2301. Teaching hospital with 700 beds in various special departments. The small museum building of the Okomfo Anokye Sword Site, with ritual significance when the Ashanti Empire was founded, is accessible on the site from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. last change: no details
6.69851-1.6254583 (),. last change: not specified

Practical advice [edit]

Area code: ☎ 032