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Brittany Pierce

Brittany Susan Pierce



Background singer and dancer with Sony Music Entertainment Records


Britney Spears, Mike Chang, Vice Rachel, the human brain (themselves)
Britt (Santana, Kurt, Finn, Blaine)
Britt-Britt (Santana, Sam)
the best that ever was mine, baby, total genius (Santana)
Rainman with breasts, girl that gets drunk into a stripper (Finn)
Tweedle Dumb (Sue)
Madam President (Figgins, Jacob)
A girl who thinks the square root of 4 is a rainbow (Kurt)
that crazy cheerleader (Burt)
Luggage rack (Roz Washington)
Sexy Teen Slut Miss Pierce Teen Lesbians Sexy Teen Idiots (Figgins)

Family friends

Personal information



Popularity, dancing, trendsetter, comforting others


when called stupid, sciences


2009 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2010 Showchor Regionals (3rd place)
2010 Showchor Sectionals (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)

Series information

Brittany Susan Pierce is a graduate of William McKinley High School, a former member of New Directions, Cheerios, and The Troubletones. She dropped out of the last school year because she had received an invitation from a college, but received her diploma anyway from Sue in the episode New Directions, on Santana's advice.

Brittany has been open to its bisexuality from the start. In contrast to her best friend Santana Lopez, who finds it very difficult to accept her homosexuality and does not come out until season three, Brittany has never had a problem with standing by her sexual orientations. That she is bisexual is only officially confirmed in the episode Einhornpower, the third season, when she says to Kurt Hummel, "I'm a unicorn too, maybe a two-horned." Before that, however, there were several indications of their bisexuality. For example, she said in the episode Bad Reputation, "I sure had everyone here in school. Boys. Girls" or to Santana in the Born This Way episode, "Because you think you're a lesbian and I could be bi too ? "

The second season she dated Artie Abrams, then her best friend Santana Lopez. After breaking up with Santana, she dated Sam Evans until she dropped out of school and broke up with him in the Episode Finding Love. In New Directions she gets back together with Santana, since she has realized that she belongs to her. In Mashup the two get engaged and in A wedding celebrate a double wedding with Blaine and Kurt.

Brittany went in The untitled Rachel Berry project as a background dancer with Santana on the Mercedes' Mall tour.

She is used by the professional dancer Heather Morris shown. In the first season she is still a supporting actress, in seasons two to four she became the leading actress.


Season one

In Beyond Gut and Sue Brittany and the other Cheerios watch the Glee Club performing the song Push it sing to. She, Quinn and Santana then apply to be members of "New Directions", Brittany and Santana sing background vocals in Say a little prayerand the three of them make it to the Glee Club. Sue takes advantage of this to have the three of them as spies in the Glee Club.

In Acafellas Dakota Stanley criticizes the looks of all Glee Kids except Brittany, Quinn and Santana.

In Children of lies she dances with Tina and Kurt Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). When Kurt tells his father that he is now playing football, Brittany says that Kurt is the kicker because he is the smallest player on the field.

In April April Brittany sings the songs with New Directions at the Invitationals: LastName and Somebody to love.

In Excited organismsLike most other girls, Brittany doesn't want to rehearse for her mash-up and, like all other girls, receives vitamin D from Terri.

In Spoilers games Sue divides the Glee Club into two groups. Brittany is in Will's group and is a backing vocalist No air. She is summoned to Sue's office with Puck, who claims Brittany couldn't get a solo because she is blonde. Like Puck, she then joins Sue's kids.

In Remix she sings Bust a move with and, like the other Glee Kids, pours their slushie over Will.

In Fear and blame The Glee Club tries to raise money for a wheelchair-accessible bus for Artie with a cake sale. Brittany says it's a bad idea because she finds recipes so confusing. She and her friend Becky Jackson drop by at the New Directions cake sale. When the others ask where she left her wheelchair - Will gave New Directions the task of spending three hours a day in the wheelchair - she says that she has lost it. She asks Becky if she would like to buy a cupcake, but wants it, but has no money with her and Brittany pays for the cupcake herself.

In Ballads Santana pulls her name as a partner.

In Splitting hairs Brittany watches the Jane Addams Academy performance using Hairography. Mr. Schuester asks Brittany to teach these to the other kids.

In Who is in the picture? Rachel asks Brittany if she wants to become the second co-captain of New Directions, but Brittany declines because she wants to scribble the photo herself later. There is no surname on the Glee Club yearbook photo.

In Everything is at stake Brittany mentions that she slept with Santana when the two of them are having a conference call with Artie, Tina, Kurt, and Mercedes. Later at Sectionals, she also says that she was the one who gave Sue the setlist, but she didn't think anything of it. Finn mentions that Brittany is one of New Directions' best dancers along with Santana, Mike, and Matt.

In Hello hell Sue tells Brittany and Santana to mess with Finn to get Rachel

To make jealous and to get them to drop out of the glee club. When he accepts the date with the two, he realizes that the girls are more concerned with themselves than with him. Brittany and Santana talk about finding Puck hot and Finn cute but not hot. Then the two of them ask the waitress to bring them new dishes. Brittany claims there was a mouse in her meal. Brittany asks Santana if she already knew that dolphins are just gay sharks.

In The Power of Madonna Sue tells them to go out with a younger man, like Madonna, so Brittany gives Santana the idea

to try Finn since he is a few days younger. She herself goes out with a seven-year-old boy who plays soccer with her little sister. When Jesse joins the Glee Club, she asks Will if this is his son. You perfromt with the Cheerios Ray of Light and 4 minutes.

In Love is a long way she cuddles with Santana while Kurt sings. She drinks the shake Sue taught her, Santana and Becky to make

supposed to stay slim Bad reputation Brittany is only fourth on the list, which annoys her for allegedly dating almost every boy from school. That's why she performs together with Kurt, Tina, Artie and Mercedes in the library U Can't Touch This and decide to confess to Sue that they posted a video of her on the internet just to get all five of them on the hook. Brittany co-stars with Santana as an angel in Rachel's video too Run Joey Run to see.

In Good reputation she is from Kurt's appearance toPink Houses excited and says that she actually thought he was gay. Then she goes home with him and the two kiss and cuddle on the sofa.

In The dream makes the music she dances to Safety dance.

In Lots of theater! she sings a solo bad Romance and is wearing a Lady Gaga costume. She says that Rachel's first Lady GaGa outfit looks bad and that she looks really good herself.

In the beat of fear Brittany, like most other Cheerios, is devastated when Sue leaves the Cheerios. Brittany, for example, begs Jacob to love her and wears her Cheerio uniform incorrectly. When Sue comes back, the Cheerios win the Nationals.

In Triumph or sadness? she discusses with the other members the fact that Sue will be a jury member at the Regionals and says that it is Sue's plan that the New Directions end up in last place. At To sir, with love, tells Santana that before she went to the Glee Club, she hated all the other members, and Brittany says so too.

Season two

Starting this season, Brittany is a main character

In New faces and meanness Brittany stands at the locker with Santana