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Delicatessen knight / gourmet knight (jap. 美食 騎士, Bishoku Kishi) Sprinkle is the head chef and founding member of Big Moms Pirate Gang.


Streusen 63 years ago

Streusen is a short, plump man who is already a senior citizen. While chefs are usually dressed in white, Streusen's clothes are pink. Apart from an orange scarf and a white apron, this consists of a pink chef's uniform, a large pink chef's hat with a feather and brown trousers. His utensils include a large gold stopwatch with pointers whose tips are shaped like spades.

Sixty-three years ago he still had black hair cut short and wore a round blue hat with a wide brim, a yellow scarf and a blue top. In addition, he had thrown a gray-green cloak on himself. The look on his face made a dodgy impression, in keeping with his character. However, over the years his hair turned gray. He also grew a long, flat, streamlined mustache.


Scattering usually occurs in a good mood. He seems to love his job as a cook and therefore mostly sings along with it.

However, Streusen's personality also has an unscrupulous and power-obsessed side. He was amused when he watched Linlin devour several people alive, while a warrior from Elban, who was also watching the incident, ran away in disgust. He only helped six-year-old Linlin so that her potential would not be wasted and he could use her for his own purposes.[2]

Skills and strength

Streusen ate from the Koch fruit, which gave him the power to turn objects into food. He turned entire islands into sweets, which today make up the deadland. He can also use his powers with his sword. This enabled him, for example, to cut a tree trunk, the slices of which instantly turned into meat.[2] It also allowed him to change the shape of Big Mom's lock.[3] The foods that Streusen creates with his devil's powers, while nutritious, don't taste good, according to Linlin.[4]

Streusen's pirate career has already failed once, but he seems to be a capable cook, which Big Mom especially appreciates. Among other things, he was able to prepare a particularly elaborate wedding cake of enormous dimensions.


63 years ago, Streusen was already a cook and a pirate. However, his pirate career failed, which is why he retired to a small island on which Carmel lived with her orphans. He was one of the two witnesses who saw Linlin eat her beloved mother Carmel in a feeding frenzy during their birthday party without realizing it. For Streusen, however, the sight was rather amusing instead of horrific. He saw a monster in Linlin and knew that if he left her alone, she would surely die, which in his opinion would be a waste. He later posed as a friend of Carmel whom she would have asked to take care of Linlin. The naive Linlin believed this and did everything he advised her to do. Streusen took advantage of their dream of creating a country where everyone would be equal to found a successful pirate gang.[2]


Sprinkling saves everyone's life

Streusen and his cooks baked the wedding cake for Sanji's and Pudding's wedding. While all the guests arrived one after the other, he sat with Big Mom himself, until later, after the wedding couple had appeared, he proudly presented the cake. [5] When Luffy destroyed the cake, however, he tried to calm Big Mom down, even though he was seething with anger inside.[6] Shortly thereafter, the picture of Carmel was destroyed before Capone Bege and his crew carried out the attack on Big Mom. Streusen pleaded in vain that Big Mom should wake up from her paralysis.[7] However, a little later, the Tamatebako ensured that the castle collapsed and threatened to bury the entire Big Mom pirate gang, including their leader. Streusen took the initiative and used his devil's powers to turn the entire castle into a fluffy dough, which meant that his colleagues reached the bottom and a large part of Whole Cake Island was covered with dough and icing.[8] However, he himself suffered serious injuries that left him in critical condition.[9]


  • Its name could be derived from the sprinkles.
  • Streusen, like many characters, has a distinctive smile: Kukukuku.
    • This is a reference to his devil fruit, in the original Kuku Kuku No Mi.
    • Charlotte Perospero's pool is also a series of several Kus.
  • His favorite dish is apple crumble.


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