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The Geissens 2021 Shania Geiss in a portrait - age, height, wealth, modeling career

Shania Geiss is known for the documentary soap "Die Geissens". Age, height, wealth, zodiac sign - we introduce you to the millionaire's daughter.

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From Franziska Knöttner
Shania Geiss and her family were through that Reality show "The Geissens - A Terribly Glamorous Family" known in Germany. The Millionaire family enthusiastic since 2011 an audience of millions with their “jet set” life of real estate, private jets and luxury yachts.
Everything about Shania Geiss, you capital, Age, size, your Model career and Instagram - we introduce you to the millionaire daughter and TV actress.

Shania Geiss profile: age, height, Instagram

All facts about Shania Geiss at a glance:
  • Birthday: July 30, 2004
  • Nationality: German and French
  • Job: Schoolgirl, influencer, television actress, model
  • Siblings: Davina (* 2003)

Shania Geiss: Life and Fortune

Shania Tyra Geiss is known from the show "The Geissens - a terribly glamorous family" on RTL2. Together with theirs Parents Carmen and Robert Geiss and their older ones Sister Davina She became a reality TV star as a child. Shania is in the principality Monaco born and attended the “International School of Monaco” there.
As Father Robert Geiss 1995 his former sportswear company "Uncle Sam" sold for an estimated 140 million DM, he and his wife Carmen Geiss moved to Monaco, where the family currently has their main residence. Shania and her sister were born into the millionaire life and don't know it any other way: Travel on luxury yachts and expensive Designer clothes are part of everyday life for them.

Shania Geiss: Instagram

Shania now has her own Career began. She and her sister Davina earn money from the successful documentary "The Geissens - a terribly glamorous family" 200 euros per day of shooting, revealed Shania in an interview with “Bunte”. Thanks to her popularity on television, she is now also on social media Influencer become. On Instagram Shania shares with currently 413,000 followers (As of March 2021) private insights from her everyday life and also earns there through cooperation with advertising partners. On too TikTok she regularly uploads videos.

Shania Geiss: career as a model

It is Shania's dream Model to become. in the December2019 could she get her first Model contract get hold of it at a Hamburg agency. Currently, however, you are doing corona a line through the bill. Mother Carmen Geiss revealed in an interview with “KUKKSI”: “Due to Corona, you can't make as good progress with modeling as you would like. Before the pandemic she had a lot of jobs and when Corona started, she had to orientate herself differently - like probably many in the industry, "says Carmen Geiss. Shania tries to look ahead anyway, because there is also a time after Corona.

"The Geissens" on RTL2

since 2011 inspires the family with "The Geissens - a terribly glamorous family" on RTL2. In the reality show they show Multimillionaires Robert and Carmen Geiss take a look at their private life and let the public participate in their luxury life and that of their daughters Davina and Shania.
Shanias Father Robert Geiss is with his company "Geiss TV" since October 2015 himself producer of the show and receives around 2.5 million euros per season from RTL2. The show is everyone Monday at 20:15 on RTL2 to see. Recently the show celebrated anniversary. On Monday, 22.03.2021 appeared the 300th episode of the reality format.

The Geiss family

Next Shania Geiss "Die Geissens" still consist of the Parents Carmen and Robert Geiss, as well as Shanias Sister Davina. The portraits of the others family members can be found here: