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A certificate of competence is necessary in many federal states for "dangerous dogs".

Table of Contents

  1. What is a certificate of competence?
  2. Difference to the dog driver license
  3. Who has to take the proficiency test?
  4. Where can I take the proficiency test?
  5. costs
  6. Duration & validity
  7. Contents of the proficiency test
  8. Obtain certificate of competence voluntarily?
  9. Regulations in the federal states

What is a certificate of competence?

The certificate of competence is a Exam with theoretical and practical part. In theory, the main questions asked are knowledge of breed or dog. In practice, the dog owner must be familiar with Handling, control and posture of his four-legged friend to prove.

The certificate of competence has been in place for a number of years Mandatory in many federal states for all dog owners of large breeds or breeds listed as dangerous. There are no nationwide regulations on proof of competence - here are those Laws for the respective state to be observed. The proof of competence is intended to ensure that the dog no danger to the public represents.

In some cases, a passed dog handler's license is recognized as proof of competence. But that always depends on the state and the laws there. But: Proof of competence is not the same as a dog driving license, even if both are certificates of qualification for dog owners.

What is the difference to the dog driving license?

Recognition is not the same everywhere

The dog driver license is a type Certificate for an obedience test. As with the certificate of competence, there is also a theoretical and a practical part. On the one hand, the dog driver license is intended to ensure that the dog owner can control his four-legged friend and handle him safely. On the other hand, such a danger from the animal should be excluded.

In terms of content, there are no big differences to the certificate of competence - but: The Proof of competence is a prerequisite in some federal states in order to be allowed to keep dogs of certain breeds (list dogs & attack dogs). Depending on the federal state, the dog driving license is also recognized as proof - but not everywhere. In some cases, you only have to take a theoretical test to certify your knowledge of the dog driver's license. In addition, proof of competence is mandatory for breeders or dog trainers, but not always for private dog owners.

The dog driving license is mostly voluntary, the certificate of competence is often required for the permission to keep.

Certificate of competence - not always the same thing is meant

In Germany there are various certificates of competence - depending on the state. These differ in validity for different purposes. Framework conditions for certificates of competence, which are stipulated by law, are in the respective Dog laws of the federal states set.

There are other certificates of competence, but these are not mandatory. For example, this includes ID cards that are issued within an organizational structure (e.g. dog breeding or dog sports clubs). If you want to be on the safe side, you should always clarify beforehand whether the evidence is officially recognized.

Different dog driving licenses

There are various agencies that offer a dog driver's license. So there is Dog driving license from VDH, BVZ, BHV, IBH, BLTK, DHVE as well as from the veterinary working group for dog keeping e.V.

Who has to take the proficiency test?

Private dog owners

For certain dog breeds (list dogs), the test is necessary in almost every federal state.

Whether a certificate of competence is required depends on place of residence (state) and breed of doge.g. whether the breed is classified as dangerous. According to the law, this includes dogs of the Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Bull Terrier and mixed breed dogs. In addition, dogs that are considered by the regulatory office individually classified as dangerous for example because they have bitten a person or another animal. You can find more detailed information for your state below.

Often times, the dog owners have to give the appearance of insurance Submit the certificate of competence directly before processing the questions and the chip must also have already been placed under the animal's skin.

Trainer & Breeder

Only for Dog trainers and breeders the exam is compulsory. This is to guarantee the seriousness and quality of the training and breeding of dogs.

What happens if you don't have a certificate of competence?

Here, too, it depends entirely on which state you live in. For example, where the exam is compulsory, Fine count as it is a Administrative offense acts.

Since there is not an obligation in Germany in every federal state to register one's own dog, by the way, nobody can check whether the proof of competence is missing in the dogs concerned. Problems can arise at the latest when the dog has an incident. In addition, there is a risk of fines and penalties - here too, different levels depending on the federal state.


Dog and owner must be of a certain minimum age and should train together.

The certificate of competence can only from the age of 16 can be acquired - in some federal states even for the first time from 18. In addition, the dog must be sufficiently vaccinated, chipped and insured against liability. Minimum age for dogs is usually 12 months.

If you want to pass the test, you should also have worked and trained your dog sufficiently. The animal must have all Basic commands dominate. Alternatively, in some cases, another dog can also be used for the test. The main thing here is the dog owner's behavior and knowledge.

In the case of so-called list dogs, the owner may having a clean backround otherwise he is not allowed to keep this dog and also not complete the certificate of competence.

Where can I take the proficiency test?

The certificate of competence is usually taken from the local veterinarian or the veterinary office - the State Chamber of Veterinarians is responsible. However, certified examiners & dog trainers can be found online, with whom the test can also be taken.

How much does the certificate of competence cost?

The cost of about € 30.00 to € 80.00 (for theory and practice exams) the Carry the dog owner himself. If you also want to take lessons from a trainer, you must of course expect higher costs.

The costs for the certificate of competence vary from district to district and can also be differently expensive for different veterinarians. In order to save costs, you should therefore call various veterinarians and inquire about the prices.

In addition to the certificate of competence, the dog must insured and chipped become. Every dog ​​owner should inquire about the cost of the chip and the certificate of competence before the test, because the chip can also be from € 30.00 to € 60.00 be expensive. Here, too, the costs depend on the location of the veterinary practice. Rural veterinary practices often have cheaper prices.

In the case of dangerous breeds, an additional Character test be made which up to 350,00 € can cost.

Anyone taking special lessons with the dog must expect additional costs.

Duration of the exam & validity

How long does the exam take?

Passing the theory test is a prerequisite for being admitted to the practical test. The Theoretical exam lasts up to an hour. The Practice exam can take up to two hours last. In addition, there is of course the time for learning and training with the dog. Special lessons can be booked for this.

How long is the proof valid?

The proof of competence for the dog holds a life long - if you have passed the test once, you do not have to take it again (even if you have a different dog).

What is asked for during the proficiency test?


The theoretical exam consists of about 35 questions, of which 80% must be answered correctly. They are multiple choice questions.

The following topics are part of the exam:
Knowledge of dog breed, aggression & fear, (canine) law, care & husbandry, reproduction, health, nutrition, upbringing, training, learning theory, communication and social behavior.


This is about Nature and behavior of the dog and the owner. This is usually checked in everyday situations, e.g. when walking without a leash. Not only the behavior of the dog is observed, but above all how the dog owner reacts to it and whether he can correctly interpret the behavior. It is important here that the owner understands his dog and his Correctly interprets behavior and also acts in an animal-friendly manner.
By the way: Since the regulations differ greatly from state to state, there is not always a practical test for the certificate of competence, but only a theoretical one.

Dog owners must be able to interpret the behavior of their four-legged friend and react correctly.


Those who fail the exam can usually take it repeat as often as he wants. This applies to the theoretical as well as the practical part. Preparation courses do not have to be repeated - there are only costs for the exam itself. Nevertheless, you should only take the test with your dog if you are confident in theory and practice.

The veterinarian or examiner usually explains incorrect answers to the owner so that he knows which answer would have been correct. Dog owners rarely fail the test and have to repeat it. Often wrong answers are only explained in order to explain the correct attitude of his animal to the owner.

What do you have to bring to the exam?

Also Insurance policy the owner does not have to bring anything to this test. The questions are simply ticked in the veterinary practice or at the veterinary office and then evaluated. In individual cases you can even work on the questions at home and then bring them back to the practice when they have been answered. This gives the owner enough time to read through the questions in peace.

On the day of the examination, the holder should have all documents with him, including the Identity card have with you, as well as the Registration certificate the responsible city. In some cases, the vets want to make sure that the dog has already been enrolled and that all documents have been correctly completed.

Is it useful to do the certificate of competence voluntarily?

For dog owners who want to be prepared for all situations, it is worth taking the certificate of competence. Here's how to learn how to work in react to dangerous situations can and can also help the wallet: In some municipalities, dog owners who have a certificate of competence must less dog taxes pay and also some liability insurances reduce the contributions.

Regulations on dangerous dogs in the federal states

federal stateregulation
BavariaProof of competence / character test (negative certificate) required for dangerous dog breeds; Keeping & breeding fighting & list dogs otherwise prohibited; Individual exceptions possible depending on the municipality.
Baden-WuerttembergExpertise must be proven by owners of dangerous dogs (expertise examination). Police permit required for the acquisition of list and attack dogs.
BerlinCertificate of competence & negative certificate (character test) for dangerous dogs; Dogs must be kept on leash if they do not have a license
BrandenburgProof of competence (character test or expert opinion) for dangerous dogs.
BremenLeash compulsory for dangerous dogs; Keeping fighting and list dogs prohibited; Exception: dog from animal shelter in Bremen.
HamburgThe keeping of list and attack dogs must be requested; Proof of expertise & character test required.
HesseProof of competence & character test required.
Mecklenburg Western PomeraniaCertificate of competence required; Dangerous dogs must be kept on a leash.
Lower SaxonyProof of competence (theory only) required for all dogs; Official permit, character test and practical competence test for dangerous dogs.
North Rhine-WestphaliaPermission from the authorities for dangerous dogs required - for this: certificate of competence; Proof of competence also for 20/40 dogs (or 40/20 dogs) = dog weighing at least 20 kg or 40 cm tall.
Rhineland-PalatinateOfficial permit required for dangerous dogs - for this, sack dog test or certificate from an expert; Keeping, breeding and trading in dangerous dogs is prohibited.
SaarlandProof of competence (through course) required for dangerous dogs; Breeding, keeping and trading in list and fighting dogs are prohibited.
SaxonyOfficial permit required for dangerous dogs (proof of competence); Trading and breeding of dangerous dogs prohibited.
Saxony-AnhaltCertificate of expertise or character test for dangerous dogs required.
Schleswig-HolsteinNo list for dangerous dogs; Expertise examination only in the event of behavioral problems.
ThuringiaNo list for dangerous dogs; Expertise examination only in the event of behavioral problems.

By the way: In addition to the certificate of competence, the authorities in many federal states also have to reliability of the dog owner. This includes that the dog owner has no previous convictions (including animal protection law violations), a certain age and the physical condition to keep the dog. More precise regulations can be found in the laws of the federal states.

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