Laevolac 134g is how much

Laevolac ?! harmful?

Since both agents have a laxative effect, which means that your bowel empties completely, or at least partially, you will weigh less the next day. So you lose weight.
Either way, I don't understand why you want to gain weight on the one hand, but now get laxatives on the other. Forgive me, but you are so deeply involved in this disease that you should keep your hands off laxatives. The intestines can get used to them even if you take the products frequently and thus reduce its normal activity even further, so that you always have to take the stuff in order to be able to go to the toilet at all. Now the big question for you: IS IT WORTH IT?
A normal bowel movement in humans does not (!!) mean that one has bowel movements every day. 2-3 times a week are also normal. If you have been constipated for 7 days, then (!!!) you can think about laxatives, but you should also seek advice from your doctor beforehand. You should NEVER take this on your own, if only for the sake of addiction and your young age!

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