How different did Ebbeson Diaet

As the title suggests, I'm pissed off. Very. This is how this text reads. Most of the links serve as a basis and I recommend reading them only very conditionally. Partly very disgusting hostility to thickness. [CW] In the penultimate paragraph, mention of bullying and suicide.

It's like being a fat woman who shamefully refuses to place herself at the bottom of the hierarchy of bodies and beauty, who has no interest in reducing her weight, who doesn't want to hide, some people don't fit in with that . What is the fat man thinking of? Didn't she get the memo? But she has. Over and over again every damn day. The world basically revolves around the fact that fat people should become less. Jokes can be made about them, they can be insulted, pigeonholed, their state of health is a public debate.

After all, Dick is sick, isn't he? We all know. The media, advertising and research tell us. Risk of diabetes increased so and so much. Man and the bones ... That can't be a good thing. We all have to pay. Fuck fat people. And then they don't look perfect at all. I don't either, but hey, after all, I torture myself every day for it, it's not possible for them to just feel good without it, just shave it off. And now they are also thinking of Fat Acceptance, no, that really doesn't work. Immediately unravel in detail why this is nonsense. Of course, fat people are sick. Not all. But generally yes. Most of them certainly do. Yes. ... But hey, I told you not all of them are sick. There really small, you see? But still it's just un-healthy. Point. That's how it is. Everything else is just the wrong logic of lazy fats, they tell each other something. I know it better. I lost weight. I've been dieting for 2 weeks and everyone is saying how great I look, so I'm right. They can only twist studies and then tell them that they are all financed by the diet industry, they are kidding themselves. Write a blog post right away. After all, I feel uncomfortable, so I am going to expand it in detail, with formulations that show you how disgusting being overweight is, um. If you criticize me then, then I complain terribly because you want to tell me what to do with my body. Not the other way around. Neehee, I can tell you how unhealthy you are and that Fat Acceptance is useless crap, I'm not telling you anything, I'm just telling you how it is.

Whoa, I just got away with that. Seriously. My problem with the current "debate" is a very simple one: people who don't like themselves and want to lose weight, people who have no idea and people who more or less trust themselves to say that they have a problem with fat people , write about Fat Acceptance. That would be okay if it resulted in a factual analysis of aspects of the IA. What actually comes around is reproduced hostility to fatness, stereotypes, prejudices and many disgusting people who applaud enthusiastically because the fat people who refuse to give in, finally show who. Where the media are already all on the side of the fat and incidentally it is claimed that fat acceptance would devalue thin bodies. This is not a discussion, this is not an analysis, it is repugnant prejudices and hatred of fat. Yeah HATE. Fat people see themselves exposed to hatred every day, whoever pretends to be wrong, would rather not look too closely.

Today I was accused of only seeing black and white and yes, at one point I only see black and white. Anyone who belittles my activism, who thinks it is just self-deception, cannot expect any understanding from me. Diplomacy ends where I am no longer supposed to defend my basic rights and those of all other fat people. Fat acceptance is not a fancy fad, it is important, for me it is even vital for my survival. Yes, that sounds dramatic, but I was bullied a lot because of my figure, I had practically no youth because I spent most of the time being afraid of the next attack. Because I was brought up to shortly before suicide by people who said that I deserve it all because I was fat. YES, I have a problem with people rejecting Fat Acceptance because it is not with me. You are not on my side. Sound silly with the pages? Well, I didn't draw the line, I'm just defending myself, my bare existence being questioned on all sides. Fat Acceptance is my armor and my sword to defend myself. Do you think your fat shaming would be healthy? Do you think if you express your disgust is it healthy? It hurts people, it damages their psyche. But you don't really care about fat people either, don't you? After all, if they were sensible, they'd be dieting and losing weight and agreeing to you. But let me tell you something:

It is none of your business whether or not fat people are healthy, just as it is none of your business. You do not have the right to patronize people for allegedly leading an unhealthy life, while pretending that you have been forbidden to lose weight if you want to. That's not what Fat Acceptance stands for. But honestly, you don't care about that either, don't you? The main thing is to thrash it and completely twist criticism and whine that the "old hysterical cows" get upset again just because you have a different opinion. If an "opinion" discriminates or reproduces discrimination, it is no longer a simple opinion but - surprise - discrimination.

Pat your shoulders as you like, ridicule fat acceptance, make it bad, spread your hatred - we still won't go away. If you're not with us, you can kiss my fat ass.