How to play a Gaelic football skills camp

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The future of football starts now.
For a long time the digitization of football was only claimed, now it has become a reality. We can now calculate luck and bad luck in football, evaluate the performance of players better and measure what really leads to victory. The race in the international football business is also one between the big players with full coffers and the outsiders, nerds or rule breakers who give football surprising impulses with their very own ideas. If you want to keep up in this race, you need a match plan, and not just in the next game.
Christoph Biermann got in the midst of these disruptive upheavals, talked to scientists, coaches, managers, scouts and psychologists in the major German clubs, traveled to England, Denmark and the USA and rediscovered today's football.
"A book full of exciting ideas and insights into what we know about football today. The most exciting book in an exciting age of football." Thomas Hitzlsperger