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Frikat Couscous Producers

In 1998, chef Sid Ali Lahlou opened an artisanal couscous workshop, Maison Lahlou, in Frikat, a small town in the Kabylie region of the province of Tizi Ouzou. Maison Lahlou initially employed six people and today that number has multiplied to almost 600, but the production methods remain the same. The raw ingredients (grains and herbs) are sourced from small-scale farmers and processed following local customs: the grains are ground using traditional mills, and the resulting flour is worked by hand by around 500 women, with an additional 100 seasonal workers during the buzzer. The summer workers include many students who want to learn about local gastronomic traditions and are offered paid apprenticeships. The product range includes 14 types of couscous made from different grains (wheat, barley, oat as well as corn and rice for gluten-free couscous), sometimes flavored with herbs. Maison Lahlou also makes three types of vinegar from fruit grown in the area: apple, pomegranate and prickly pear. The products are marketed according to fair-trade principles and distributed in Algeria and Europe (France, Belgium, the UK and Germany). After winning the San Vito Lo Capo international couscous competition in Sicily in 2005, Sid Ali Lahlou opened a restaurant in Algiers, in the Palais des Expositions, where he serves his couscous and other typical regional dishes.

Production area
Frikat, Tizi Ouzou province