How did your mother influence you

During my time in the United States, I lived in one of the most affluent areas of the country

That was due to the location of my employer at the time.

To the amazement of most Europeans, the richest districts in the US are not in Silicon Valley or around New York City, but west of Washington DC. Four of the ten wealthiest counties in the country are located there.

The county with the highest median family income (50% of households earn more) is Loudoun County, Virginia, with an annual income of around $ 135,000.

That means 50% of the families there earn more than $ 11,000 gross a month!


This is an extremely high average earnings not only for the rest of the world, but also for the United States

Without further thought, you get the idea that almost everyone there is probably a multimillionaire and lives on investment income or only does what gives him the greatest pleasure with his own ventures.


But that's not the case.


Private wealth in these districts is higher than in other parts of the US, but much less than one would expect.

The main reason there, as in any other place in the world, is that the majority of this huge income is directly consumed without much thought and there is no money left to invest.


"Big Hat - No Cattle"

This English term means that someone who spends all his money on the biggest cowboy hat has a strikingly low number of assets. And that for the reason that none could be built.

Big hat - no herd of cattle.


And what the farmer's hat is the citizen's leased luxury car, the oversized house and children in private schools with no real educational advantage over the excellent state educational institutions in Loudoun County.

For example, I had American work colleagues there who chatted with me about your Apple stock investment, with which you now had "the problem" after more than ten years that there was way too much money in a single value.

Others with similarly clear six-figure earnings complained that you were looking for financing for your latest consumer expenditure, since life “is simply far too expensive these days”.

At the same time, the financed $ 80,000 luxury SUV was used to commute to work every day or to drive the children to private school.

And the inside of the house, which was much too big, looked like something out of a designer brochure.


Comparable income - Completely different result

Anyone who finances one of these villas plus an SUV for each family member with their median $ 135,000 gross per year has a very large cowboy hat.

With the accumulation of assets it is unfortunately very difficult and unfortunately the hat does not glitter any more than with the neighbor - who does exactly the same.

If you don't pay attention and want to be in front again in the race for the biggest hat and now even fall under the spell of the consumer credit siren chants, you mutate from the Blank family to the slave family and balance with your installment payments on the razor blade of your debt-financed life.

A single job loss and the beautiful glitter hat and with it your own life turns into a big pile of cow dung

Your own future is risked and pledged, and that's only to impress your neighbors or because you think that's "normal".

Compulsory earning up to the beginning of the statutory pension or even beyond included.

And nothing should go wrong, otherwise everything will collapse.


Coming from Germany and growing up in a working-class household (and where I wasn't missing anything really important), at the beginning I couldn't believe why these people didn't notice what you were actually doing there.

I later realized that we all live in our own “Loudoun County,” which we consider to be “perfectly normal” and practicing almost the same nonsense there.

Because anyone who smiles at the financed villas with 500 square meters of living space or makes fun of oversized leased SUVs should be told:


For people from the second and third world, the German-speaking area is also a single Loudoun County

Hardly anyone in the rest of the world can imagine that the citizens here have to spend their own precious lifetime in dependent employment or even with independent work that no longer really fulfills them, because otherwise everything collapses.

Flat-screen televisions are on the side of the road with us because the current financed model has more pixels and a narrower bezel. Even many German Mustermann families only perceive new cars and 1,000 Euro smartphones as a basic service that needs to be regularly upgraded with a monthly leasing rate.

What we easily overlook when looking at Loudoun County and billions of other people when looking at Germany, Austria and Switzerland is that most of the residents there are mainly busy making their cowboy hat a little bigger.

And that's because everyone around you does the same.


Unfortunately, these citizens forget the only person who should be most important to you besides your family - yourself

But this drama of self-denial and not taking care of yourself is not visible from the outside.

Instead, it is more important that the neighbors believe you are "successful" and wealthy.

One should look as if there is already no more room for further money in the account and in the share portfolio.

According to the visual impression, the passive income surpasses the monthly expenses and these people can only endure all the stress in the office or the night shift in the factory because they get pure pleasure from it without any further intention to earn money.

Even with us in German-speaking countries, people probably prefer to be away from their family for most of their lives, or to spend more time with their children and friends.

It looks like you prefer to sit in the office of a bad employer every day and let your boss prune you or have to evaluate the project for the fourth time, even if the horse is not only dead, but only bones in it Sand lying.

One of them still works, and that too at 55 or 63, when the new boss, who is twenty years younger than him, wants to bring some breeding into the shop.

You can leave if it doesn't suit you.

Can go ...


Can you go then

Or did you unfortunately think about your big and glittering cowboy hat most of the time instead of your herd of cattle?

Have you been busy making it a little bigger and making it shine even more?

Or have you also thought of your own future and invested a large part of your income in your own freedom machine, which now rewards you with an endless stream of passive income and thus opens up an almost endless number of options.

The biggest option is to be able to spend most of your life the way you want. And to be able to avert most of the dramas of this life with money either directly or at least significantly mitigate them.

People with no wealth of their own, or worse, with consumer debt, are nothing but slaves.

When their boss says: "Jump!", Then the only counter-question these people can ask is: "How high?"

With sufficient invested assets, however, these people could walk out of the office laughing uproariously and, together with their loved ones, quietly consider what you can do better with your precious lifetime.

For example, doing something meaningful in a company with significantly less madness and no matter how much is paid for it. Or do things on your own basis that help other people and give you the greatest pleasure.


Invest in your own large herd of cattle!

Make money-making optional and reward yourself with the greatest of all gifts: a self-determined lifetime.