How to Play Kamael Soul Hound Skills

Anonymous henchmen

Out of body experiences hold some surprises for the unprepared traveler - as you can see in the following tables.

01-09 Githyanki (H)
10 Night Hag (H)
11 Asura (F)
12-13 Eldarin (F)
14 Baatezu (N, very busy)
15 Tanar’Ri (N, very busy)
16 Yugoloth (N, very busy)
17 Slaad (D4: 1-3 Red Slaad, 4 Blue Slaad) (N)
18-22 Spectral Hound (N)
23 Shedu, Greater (F)
24-26 Shedu, Lesser (F)
27-28 Kodragon (N)
29-32 Guardinal (F)
33-34 Astral Dreadnought (H)
35-40 Astral Wolf (N)
41-45 Berbalang (H)
46-47 Deva, Astral (F)
48-51 Devete (N)
52-53 Brain Collector * (H)
54-55 Astral Searcher (H)
56-59 Dhour (H)
60 Astral Whale * (N)
61-63 Bebilith (H)
64 Dragon, Astral (D10: 1-6 Unmated-, 7-10 Mated) (N)
65-69 Astral Streaker (D10: 1-5 Githyanki animal 6-10 Wild animal) * (N)
70-73 Elemental, Air Kin, Aerial Servant (N)
74-75 Foo Creature, Foo Lion (N)
76-78 Foo Creature, Foo Dog (N)
79-82 Garmorm (H)
83 Psurlon, Giant Psurlon (H)
84-85 psurlon, psurlon (H)
86-87 Psurlon, Psurlon Adept (H)
88-97 Psychic Winds *
98 Remains of a dead god
99 Spellcrystal (Just flys by 1 in 100 chance of collision, choose random spell for effect)
00 Bonecloud * (Just flys by 10% chance of collision, see subtable for details) (H)

Source: Monster compendia
* Source "Guide to the Astral Plane"

Proposed behavior of encounter based on a neutral or good alignment:
(H) = hostile
(N) = Neutral, DM Choice
(F) = Friendly

Details about the Bonecloud (D100)
A huge cloud of undead creatures. Creatures marked with a * can move and drag someone in the cloud. The rest of the cloud is only dangerous in case of collision. The following tables defines the nearest undead creature.

01-50 skeleton
51-75 zombie
76-80 Skeletal Animal
81-85 Skeletal Monster
86-90 Giant Skeleton
91-95 monster zombie
96 Heucuva *
97 ghoul *
98 Wight *
99 Ghast *
00 Special (DM Choice, e.g. Death Knight, Vampire etc) *

Details about Psychic Winds (D100)
Physical traveler
01-40 Diverted 1d6 days off course
41-60 Diverted 3d 10 days off course
61-80 Completely lost
81-00 Sent to random color pool (random place outer planes)

Astral Traveler
01-40 Diverted 1d6 days off course
41-60 Diverted 3d 10 days off course
61-80 Completely lost
81-97 Silver chord damaged, returned to real body
98-00 Silver chord snapped, traveler slain

Mental Effects
D6: 1-4 wind of thoughts, 5-6 emotional wind

Wind of thoughts (D100):
01-40 Stunned for 1d6 rounds
41-50 Affected like a confusion spell for 2d10 rounds
51-60 Unconscious for 1d10 hours
61-80 Affected as a fear spell for 2d10 rounds
81-90 Affected as a feeblemind spell for 1d20 hours
91-95 Temporarily insane for 1d4 days
96-99 Comatose for 1d100 days
00 Permanently insane

Wind of emotions (D4):
01 Drains all emotion for 1d2 days (no love, fear etc., people might react weird)
02 One single emotion is drained for 1d4 days
03 Trapped in the storm for 1d2 days. One single emotion dominates character. If a character is in a situation where he does something he wouldn't normally do, a wisdom check can be made to avoid uncontrolled behavior
04 Emotional overdose. Knocked out for 1d4 days. After awakening the pour sod must make for 1d10 days saves vs paralysis, failed means overwhelmed by single emotion for the rest of the day

Emotion (D100)
01-20 Hate
21-40 Love
41-55 Sorrow
56-70 Joy
71-80 Fear
81-90 Envy
91-00 zeal

Details about Yugoloths (D100)
01-05 Ultroloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
06-10 Arcanaloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
11-15 Nycaloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
16-20 Baernaloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
21-35 Marraenoloth
35-55 Yagnoloth
56-80 Piscoloth
81-00 Hydroloth, 1D4 Yagnoloths as Guards

Details about Tanar’ri (D20)
01 Balor, magician, 2D4 Vrocks as Guards
02 Marilith, magician, 2D4 Vrocks as Guards
03 Vrock, 2D4 Nalfeshnee as Guards
04-05 Nalfeshnee
06-07 Hezrou, 2D4 Cambions as Guards
08-09 Molydeus, 2D4 Cambions as Guards
10-11 chasms
12-14 yochlol
15-17 Babau, 2D4 Cambions as Guards
18 succubus
19-20 Cambion

Details about Baatezu
01 Pit fiend, 3d6 Curnogon as Guards
02-03 Gelugon, Guards 2D4 Barbazu, 1D4 Red Abishai
04–05 Amnizu, 1D4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 Black, 4 - 5 Green, 6 Red)
06-07 Cornugon, Guards 2D4 Red Abishai
08–12 2D4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 Black, 4 - 5 Green, 6 Red)
13-18 2D4 Barbazu
19-20 Osyluth, Guards 2D4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 Black, 4 - 5 Green, 6 Red)

Details about Eldarins (D20)
01 Firre
02 Ghaele
03 Tulani
04-07 Shiere
08-11 Bralani
12-15 coure
16-20 November

Details about Guardinals (D20)
01 Leonal
02-04 Ursinal
05-08 Lupinal
09-11 Avoral
12-14 Equinal
15-20 Cervidal

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One or the other adventurer is drawn to Baator in the course of his career. So that it doesn't get too boring there, here is a table with possible encounters.

Of course, it should be noted that a Pit Fiend will usually not be traveling alone and has a kind of "entourage" in tow.


1 – 5Abrian
6 – 8Baatezu, Greater, Amnizu
9 – 10Baatezu, Greater, Cornugon
11 – 12Baatezu, Greater, Pit Fiend
13 – 17Baatezu, Least, Nupperibo
18 – 22Baatezu, Least, Spinagon
23 – 27Baatezu, lemure
28 – 32Baatezu, Lesser, Abishai
33 – 37Baatezu, Lesser, Barbazu
38 – 41Baatezu, Lesser, Erinyes
42 – 45Baatezu, Lesser, Kocrachon
46 – 49Baatezu, Lesser, Osyluth
50 – 51Darklore
52 – 55Fhorge
56 – 58Hellcat
59 – 62Ironmaw
63 – 65Kyton
66 – 79Larva
80 – 82Maelephant
83Minion of Set
84 – 85Nightmare
86 – 87Shadow Fiend
88 – 90Shadowdrake
91Yugoloth, Greater, Arcanaloth
92Yugoloth, Greater, Nycaloth
93Yugoloth, Greater, Ultroloth
94 – 95Yugoloth, Lesser, Dergoloth
96 – 97Yugoloth, Lesser, Gacholoth
98 – 100Yugoloth, Lesser, Mezzoloth


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The adventurer of the world does not use an ordinary mount like horse, donkey or the like. Of course, he uses more exotic mounts.

For this I have studied the monster compendia in order to find corresponding creatures. The costs can of course be argued, but everyone can adjust them individually.

The "Size" column indicates the maximum size of the tab. A saddle specially adapted for this mount is included in the price.


MM: Monsters Manual
MC: Monster Compendium (Planescape MC I - III, Forgotten Realms etc.)
Planes of X: Planescape Box-Sets (Law, Chaos, Conflict)


SurnameSize ridersourcecosts
AbrianS.MC II400
Dire WolfM.MM5000
Elephant / OliphantL.MM500
FhorgeM.MC II4000
Fire LizardHMM21000
Giant EagleM.MM5000
Giant InsectM-L
(Depends on insect)
MM1000 – 10000
Giant LizardL.MM800
Giant TurtleL.
Alignment:Lawful neutral
Armor Class:3, in shell: -3
Hit Dice:7
No. of attacks:1
Damage / Attack:2-8
Morals:Elite (13-14)
Great Cat (Lion / Tiger)M.MM4000
HellcatM.Planes of Law19000
LeomarhM.MC II3500
Lizard, SubterraneanL.Forgotten Realms MC4000
NightmareM.MC I16000
QuillS.MC II300
VaathM.Planes of Conflict4000
Winter wolfM.MM10000



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A while ago I made a shopping list of somewhat strange items for my Planescape campaign.

Torn blood war banner of the Tanar’ri: Certainly makes every Baatezu a "friend"50 gm
Bebilith silk (rope): soft and almost indestructible, price according to quantity500 gp per running meter
Smoking mephit pipe: Ever-smoking pipe from the paraelementary level of smoke200 gm
Mica: "fireflies" from the positive energy level in the glass250 gm
Children of the Wastes - A Treatise on Night Witches and Hordlings of the Gray Wastes600 gm
Fireproof parchment made from salamander skin8 SM / sheet
Intimate toy of a succubus3 GM
Bundmeister Karan action figure (with roundhouse kick function)45 GM
Checkering suit (50% higher swimming speed), (Faction War p. 22 f)225 gm
Lively fur coat (extremely warm coat), (Faction War p. 22 f)60 gm
Solanian shoes (5% to climbing throws), (Faction War p. 22 f)300 gm
Zadisband (constantly emits a soft melodic tone), (Faction War p. 22 f)8 SM
Bytopic bottle (two liquids in one bottle), (Faction War p. 22 f)15 GM
Heavenly rope (very light - 75% weight saving, tear-resistant, almost transparent rope), (Faction War p. 22 f)6 gp per meter
Clear steel (transparent steel) Not only practical for nudists, (Faction War p. 22 f)Normal armor / weapon price x2
Hiterkette (light stainless steel chain, +2 chain for rust monsters or similar effects, 75% weight saving), (Faction War p. 22 f)30 gp per meter
Chalk of the void (invisible markings, only visible with true vision, special lenses or other recognition magic), (Faction War p. 22 f)8 SM, marked approx. 50 meters
Special lenses for chalk of the void, (Faction War p. 22 f)5 GM
Water torches (also burn underwater), (Faction War p. 22 f)8 GM
Astral Flitzer (news bird), (Faction War p. 22 f)3 GM
Trained ethics (makes other creatures aggressive), (Faction War p. 22 f)150 gm
Baatorian flute (unique sound), (Faction War p. 22 f)450 gm
Githyanki jewels (make noises when the name of the owner (or any name with which the jewels are marked) is spoken within a kilometer), (Faction War p. 22 f)Price of Gems x5Available for Gems 500 gp + only
Jandors musical box (plays music), (Faction War p. 22 f)80 gm
Mechanical pets, (Faction War p. 22 f)1,000-10,000 gp
Shoes of Frost Feet (cools feet on hot surfaces), (Faction War p. 22 f)130 gm


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At least in the Planescape background, you often have the problem that the game master has to decide what kind of Tanar’ri, Baatezu or Yugolothen the player characters will encounter. After preparing such tables for my pandemonium travel adventure among other things, I wanted to make them available to the public.

Tanar’ri (W100)

01 Balor, wizard, 2d4 Vrocks as bodyguard (10% wizard, enlightened)
02 Marilith, magician, 2d4 Vrocks as bodyguard (10% magician, enlightened)
03 Vrock, 2d4 Nalfeshnee as bodyguard (10% magician)
04-05 Nalfeshnee
06-07 Hezrou, 2D4 Goristro as bodyguard (10% magician)
08-09 Molydeus, 2d4 Cambions as bodyguard (10% magician)
10-11 chasms
12 yochlol
13-14 Babau, 2d4 Cambions as bodyguards (10% magicians)
15-16 succubus
17-18 Goristro
19-20 bar Lgura
21-22 Glabrezu
23-24 Alkilith
25 wastrilith
26 Nabassu
27-28 Alu-Fiend, 2d4 Alu-Fiends as bodyguards (10% magicians)
29-30 Maurezhi (W6: 1-4 undeveloped, 5-6 adult)
31 Uridezu
32-34 Armanite (W6: 1-3 Common, 4-5 Servant, 6 Consul)
35-38 Major Cambion
39-40 Maquis-Cambion, 2d4 Major Cambions as bodyguard (10% magician)
41-50 1W4 Bulezau
51-61 1W4 Rutterkin
61-75 3W10 Dretch
76-00 3W20 mans

Tanar’ri Wizard (W10)
01 Marilith, magician, 2d4 Vrocks as bodyguard
02-03 Vrock magician, 2D4 Nalfeshnee as bodyguard
04 Hezrou, magician, 2D4 Goristro as a bodyguard
05 Molydeus, magician, 2d4 Cambions as bodyguard
06-07 Babau, magician, 2d4 Cambions as bodyguard
08-10 Maquis-Cambion, magician 2d4 Major Cambions as bodyguard

Baatezu (W100)
01–02 Pitfiend, 3d6 Curnogon as bodyguard, (10% magician, enlightened)
03-06 Gelugon with 2d4 Barbazu
07–12 Cornugon, bodyguard 2D4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 black, 4 - 5 green, 6 red) (10% magician)
13–18 Amnizu, bodyguard 2D4 Abishai (D6: 1–3 black, 4–5 green, 6 red) (10% magician)
19-24 Erinyes
21–25 2D4 Abishai (D6: 1–3 black, 4–5 green, 6 red)
26-30 Kocrachon
31-35 2W4 Barbazu
36–40 Osyluth, bodyguard 2D4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 black, 4 - 5 green, 6 red) (10% magician)
41-50 1W4 Hamatula
51-60 1d4 spinagon
61-75 1W10 Nupperibo
76–00 3d20 lemurs

Baatezu Wizard (W8)

01-04 Osyluth, magician + 2d4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 black, 4 - 5 green, 6 red)
05-06 Amnizu magician + 2d4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 black, 4 - 5 green, 6 red)
07-08 Cornugon Magician + 2d4 Abishai (D6: 1 - 3 black, 4 - 5 green, 6 red)

Yugoloth (W100)

01-05 Ultroloth, bodyguard 1d4 Mezzoloth (10% wizard, enlightened)
06-10 Arcanaloth, bodyguard 1d4 Mezzoloth (10% wizard, enlightened)
11-15 Nycaloth, bodyguard 1d4 Mezzoloth (10% sorcerer)
16-20 Baernaloth, bodyguard 1d4 Mezzoloth (10% wizard, enlightened)
31-30 Yagnoloth
21-40 Mezzoloth
41-50 Canoloth
51-60 Piscoloth
61-80 Dergoloth
81-90 Marraenoloth
91-00 Hydroloth, 1d4 Dergoloth as bodyguard (10% magician)

Yugolothen Wizard: (D6)

01-02 Hydroloth, bodyguard 1D4 Dergoloth
03 Nycaloth, bodyguard 1D4 Mezzoloth
04 Ultroloth, bodyguard 1d4 Mezzoloth
05 Arcanaloth, bodyguard 1D4 Mezzoloth
06 Baernaloth, bodyguard 1D4 Mezzoloth

Determination of the type of fiendish sorcerer (W10):

01-04 Deformed
05 Not illuminated
06-09 normal
10 Enlightened

Fiend wizard: If you can call the Planescape Blood Wars box your own, you will find very detailed information on how to create such wizards. If you don't, you can use the following hack.

Wizard level = number of hit dice

There are the following monster wizards:

  • Deformed: These monsters have given up their magic resistance to cast spells
  • Unlit: Monsters who have given up 1d6 spell-like skills to be able to cast spells
  • Normal: Have not given up spell-like skills or magical resistances
  • Enlightened: These monsters can replace any of their spell-like skills with a spell, as long as it is not a skill that is permanently active!
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Journeys to the outer levels usually bring. some encounters with yourself. I have created an encounter table based on the Planescape monster compendia (including the boxes) for the abyss. The table is in English because I didn't feel like translating everything. You can also find the monsters in corresponding monster books (also online). I also gave the corresponding Planescape Supplemental, which offers information about the creature. If no source is given, the information comes from the short overview of the MC I (end of the book). Mostly they are standard monsters, which can be found in the corresponding compendia.

This represents a far more extensive table of encounters than in MC II. I will gradually blog the table of encounters for other levels and the inner levels. If someone needs a table for another level as soon as possible, please let me know - I would then prioritize this level.

Encounter Table Abyss

1Abyss ants
2Abyssal BatPlanes of Chaos
3Abyssal LordPlanes of chaos
4AleaxPlanescape Campaign Setting
5ArcaneMC II
6Astral SearcherPlanescape Campaign Setting
7Baatezu armiesMC I
8BebilithMC I
9-10BloodthornMC II
11BodakMC I
12Cranium ratPlanescape Campaign Box
13DarkweaverMC II
16Fire shadow
17GhostlightMC II
18ImpMC I
19IncantiferMC II
20Incarnate (evil)MC I
21-22IronmawMC II
23KeeperMC II
24KhaastaMC II
25-26LarvaMC I
28MaelephantMC I
29-30MephiteMC I
31MercantileMC II
32Monster of LegendMC II
33Nic EponaPlanescape Campaign Setting
34Night HagMC I
35NightmareMC I
36ProlongerMC II
37QuasitMC I
38QuillMC II
39RagerMC II
40RazorvineMC II
41ReaveMC II
42retrieverMC II
43Shadow DrakeMC II
44Shadow FiendMC I
45SimpatheticMC II
46Slaad (traveler)MC I
47SpellhauntMC II
48Spirit of the AirPlanescape Campaign Setting
49Tanar’ri - AlkilithMC II
50Tanar’ri - Alu FiendMC I
51Tanar’ri - ArmanitePlanes of Chaos
52-53Tanar’ri - BabauMC I
54Tanar’ri - BalorMC I
55-56Tanar’ri - Bar-LguraMC I
57-58Tanar’ri - BulezauMC II
59Tanar’ri - CambionMC I
60Tanar’ri - ChasmeMC I
61-63Tanar’ri - DretchMC I
64Tanar’ri - GlabrezuMC I
65Tanar’ri - GoristroPlanes of chaos
66Tanar’ri - HezrouMC I
67-69Tanar’ri - ManesMC I
70Tanar’ri - MarilithMC I
71Tanar’ri - MaurezhiMC II
72Tanar’ri - MolydeusMC I
73Tanar’ri - NabassuMC I
74Tanar’ri - NalfeshneeMC I
75Tanar’ri - RutterkinMC I
76Tanar’ri - succubusMC I
77Tanar’ri - VrockMC I
78Tanar’ri - WastrilithMC I
79Tanar’ri - YochlolMC II
80Tanar’ri (nabassu fledgling, succubus)MC I
81Tanar’ri armiesMC I
82TieflingMC I
83Undead (any)
84Viper TreePlanes of chaos
85VorrMC II
86WastrelMC II
87WraithwormMC II
88Yeth HoundMC I
89Yeth houndMC I
90Yugoloth - ArcanalothMC I
91Yugoloth - CanolothMC II
92Yugoloth - DergholothMC I
93Yugoloth - HydrolothMC I
94Yugoloth - MarraenolothPlanescape Campaign Setting
95Yugoloth - MezzolothMC I
96Yugoloth - NycalothMC I
97Yugoloth - PiscolothMC I
98Yugoloth - UltrolothMC I
99Yugoloth - YagnolothMC I
00Yugoloth companiesMC I

MC I-III: Planescape Monster Compendiums I - III

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As you know, the Lady of Sorrows is a somewhat inscrutable personality. Perhaps that is precisely why one or the other is interested in information about the lady. So here's a little overview. (Is only 2nd edition now, as I have no idea what was published later).

Planescape novels "Pages of Pain" (Thanks to Mr. Ghoul)
The novels were actually ignored in the setting or not used as an official source. However, there is no official information anyway, so you can use them

Harbinger House
In the adventure, the lady is a little distracted. There are also a few approaches to who / what the lady could be. There is also a nice scene about what happens when the lady is pissed off and her shadow falls on some cultists.

Doors to the Unknown
There are some magical items related to the lady here. Just for fun, I contacted the author at Wizards and asked if there was anything else there. He said "Nope, do what you want with it, everything is only partially defined". If you want to knit something for a lady, you can start here.

The! Vecna! The!
There's also something for women here. I just overtook it because I've only had the book for a short time.

"Dolores" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
And of course there is also the poetic model “Dolores” by Algernon Charles Swinburne. Here is a short extract:

Cold eyelids that hide like a jewel
Hard eyes that grow soft for an hour;
The heavy white limbs, and the cruel
Red mouth like a venomous flower;
When these are gone by with their glories,
What shall rest of thee then, what remain,
O mystic and sombre Dolores,
Our Lady of Pain?

Seven sorrows the priests give their Virgin;
But thy sins, which are seventy times seven,
Seven ages would fail thee to purge in,
And then they would haunt thee in heaven:
Fierce midnights and famishing morrows,
And the loves that complete and control
All the joys of the flesh, all the sorrows
That wear out the soul.

O garment not golden but gilded,
O garden where all men may dwell,
O tower not of ivory, but built
By hands that reach heaven from hell;
O mystical rose of the mire,
O house not of gold but of gain,
O house of unquenchable fire,
Our Lady of Pain!

Here's the rest: Dolores

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Here now follows the second part of the overview of Planescape supplementals. You can find the first part here

2625 A Guide to the Astral Plane (****)
The level of the mind! Here you literally fight with your head - because physical attributes are determined here on the basis of mental ones! You can also find information about what happens to dead gods and about Githyanki!

2633 A Guide to the Ethereal Plane (*****)
Another tick better than the book about the astral plane. Here you can find information on known half-levels (e.g. half-level of time, Ravenloft, etc.). The event tables are also great. There is also a small monster chapter. Practical - not only for Planescape game masters.

2634 The Inner Planes (**)
I was honestly disappointed with that. It's even more superficial than the boxes (well, well, it also has fewer sides). I expected a lot more here. Maps, politics of the different Djinni etc. With the Al Qadim Box: Secrets of the Lamp you get a much better impression of the inner levels. The book is not completely useless, but one has the impression that it is more of a collection of ideas for a box set that was never produced.

2630 Faces of Evil: The Fiends (*****)
Is extensively involved in the lives of the residents of the lower levels. While reading, you just get ideas for role-playing with all the monsters and monsters of the lower levels. If you incorporate the blood war in the campaign in any way, a super supplemental!

2602 Monstrous Compendium Appendix (****)
There is nothing to complain about. Detailed information on all possible residents of the plains.

2613 Monstrous Compendium Appendix II (*****)
In terms of quality, it is in no way inferior to the first monster compendium. AND (for the fifth *) there are encounter tables for the levels!

2635 Monstrous Compendium Appendix III (****)
Here's more information about monsters on the inner planes. You don't really need it, but it is practical.

To the adventure section! So I have largely dispensed with spoilers in the text - that is, there are only a few hints. But I still wanted to warn readers in advance so that they can read on at their own risk!

2601 The Eternal Boundary (****)
Great entry-level adventure. Quite clear and you have a good start for a campaign. It can also be played with higher level adventurers. Simply adjust the levels of the opponents here;).

2608 Fires of Dis (****)
Also a very good adventure! Go to Baator in the nine hells. Can be wonderfully combined with "Tales From the Infinite Staircase"!

2614 Harbinger House (*****)
A kind of funhouse dungeon in Sigil! I really enjoyed leading and even a good old lady has a great guest appearance!

2626 Doors to the Unknown (***)
It's fun to lead. However, with some text passages you get the impression that the author was stoned when he wrote the adventure 😉

2632 Tales From the Infinite Staircase (*****)
Great adventure collection and the stairs are just a wonderful starting point for all kinds of adventures. They also offer a good entry point for campaigns that have started on any material level.

2604 Well of Worlds (****)
Good short adventure. So far I've only built one into my campaign. If you need short adventures, this is the book for you!

So now to the adventures that I have not yet led, but will probably do so sooner or later (I've already read them all).

2605 In the Abyss (****)
Reads like an exciting excursion into the abyss. I'm looking forward to making my players happy with it.

2606 The Deva Spark (**)
A short adventure with potential, but as a game master you still have to do a lot yourself. A very bad adventure from the Railroad department.

2619 Something Wild (****)
Also a nice adventure for low level characters. Somehow you have to deal with a deity from the Forgotten Realms. Also make it interesting for campaigns from the world of Toril.

2628 The Great Modron March (****)
Modrons! A great adventure collection with a sightseeing tour of the outer plains. The adventures are loosely related and can be played on at the end directly with the adventure tape "Dead Gods".

2629 Faction War (NA)
I actually wanted to ignore this book. The aim of the book is to bring Sigil to the 3.0 fairway and the entrails of the city of gates are ripped out of the body - the factions! I bought it out of a collector's passion and it's a good book in itself. However, one has to rewrite the end or draw other conclusions from the war between the factions.
It offers interesting entries about life in Sigil and complements itself quite well with “In the Cage”. Since I still hate the book, I didn't give it any rating because it would still be too emotional.

2631 Dead Gods (****)
There are two adventures in the book. The first is directly related to the events of the “Great Modron March”. A bit too railroady for my taste. You should give the players more freedom than the adventure allows. There are also a few breaks in logic and as a game master you should think about repairing them before playing the adventure. The second adventure is more about the philosophical basic ideas of Sigil - you can change the multiverse if only enough people believe in an idea - also bring a dead god to life.
As I said, “Dead Gods” can be wonderfully combined with “Great Modron March” or even with “Tales of the Infinite Staircase”. In addition, very nice artwork is supplied with the book.


Those were the Planescape products that I know. In my opinion, the quality of the campaign world is very good. Also very visually appealing (if it is important)! I think it's great how the multiverse comes to life with this setting and how the inhabitants of the outer planes simply become more than decals of baptisms, demons and angels. In addition, you can integrate many adventures from other campaign worlds into Planescape with relatively little effort! The disadvantage is that the information about objects and spells is partly in some books that you don't have to hand at the moment (which is a bit annoying). The acquisition of Wizard Spell Compendium 1-4, Priest Spell Compendium 1-3 and the Encyclopedia Magica therefore make sense for Planescape in particular! Unfortunately, the supplements have now become outrageously expensive. Personally, I hope that someday they will reprint the old books - well, for Ad & d 1, at least they are already doing it.

Incidentally, none of the books provide any concrete information about the Lady of Pain. Anyone looking for something about this will still find vague hints. What should also be mentioned: In my opinion, the levels of most adventures are chosen rather randomly and can therefore be quite demanding for groups of players - not so much for cuddly role players and more for tough grinders!


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Some may know the comics. Now I have allowed myself to introduce poison elves as an elven subspecies in Planescape!

Elves who have been calling Sigil their home for several generations (especially the elves in the hive) have adapted to the harsh living conditions in the city of gates. The result was the formation of a new sub-race of the elves with the following characteristics:
  • +1 skill or +1 strength, +1 constitution
  • -1 intelligence, -1 charisma
  • Bonus of 2 for surprise throws "Expected attack"
  • 36 meters of infravision
  • 50% magic resistance to sleep and charm effects (instead of 90%)
  • + 1 bonus to attack when using daggers and swords (replaces the bow bonus)
  • Bonus of 2 on saving throws against poison
  • Sentiments all
  • Classes like normal elves, but prefers rascals
  • Standard elf bonuses for hidden or secret doors, weapons and sneaking (sneaking only works at night)
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After my last article on “unofficial” Planescape material, I would now like to write something about the official products. It is now not a detailed review of the products. It should serve as an overview and, if necessary, help those who would like to purchase Planescape material.

Since Planescape is relatively extensive, I will first write something about the "Need to Have" products, the box sets and some soft covers.

The list is divided into two groups:

  • “Need to have” - what you absolutely need to play or to lead.
  • “Nice to have” - you don't necessarily need it, but it's great 😉

I chose the rating scale from * to *****. Whereby 5 stars is the best rating. Personally, I think that there is no official product that is really crap - of course everything is subjective 😉

Need to have

2600 Planescape Campaign Setting (Box Set) (*****)
Great box! Provides extensive information about the levels, its inhabitants and of course sigil! Not only necessary for Planescape game masters. Actually a great purchase for every Ad & d 2 game master !!!

2620 The Planewalker’s Handbook (*****)
THE book for game masters and players. All frets / factions at a glance. New races of players, some kits, items, etc.

2623 On Hallowed Ground (*****)
THE book about gods and avatars! I think it's worth buying for EVERY game master! I packed it for “Need to Have” because you actually need it when you play clerics in Planescape. What is especially interesting is the effect the levels have on Cleric Scrolls!

Nice to have:

2603 Planes of Chaos (Box Set) (***)
You can find some information about Tanari (2 new Tanari monsters!) And the chaotic levels. The layout is a bit exhausting. Unfortunately, it remains relatively superficial. It's not a bad box, but to be honest, it's not a super great box either.

2607 Planes of Law (Box Set) (****)
Finally extensive information about Modronen! If you play on the Planes of Law you just need insight into these levels of law! However, this box remains a bit too superficial for my taste.

2615 Planes of Conflict (Box Set) (****)
I like the box. Info about Yugolothen! Information about the relationship between titans and mitered in Carceri! And information about the upper levels. Simply great together with the Blood Wars box! Almost a must buy.

2621 Hellbound: The Blood War (Box Set) (*****)
The blood war! A great campaign! Normally, as a player, you often have the feeling that you have no influence on the development of the blood war. Here the players can really tear something! But probably one of the deadliest campaigns - not for wimps! (applies to both players and game masters 😉)

2610 A Player’s Primer to the Outlands (Box Set) (***)
Nice box that gives information about the outlands and the border towns to the plains. The audio CD that simulates a Mimir is also funny (the Planescape version of Apple's Siri)

2609 In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil (For Sigil Adventure ***** for Adventure anywhere else on the plains ***)
The book breathes life into Sigil! Actually a must buy. But only if you want to play in Sigil 😉

2611 The Factol’s Manifesto (****)
More info about Factions! Ranks within the factions and additional skills that come with such a rank! There is also information about the headquarters of the individual factions - with maps!

2624 Uncaged: Faces of Sigil (For sigil adventures ***** for adventures elsewhere on the plains ***)
Together with “In the Cage” it rounds off the information about Sigil. Background information about the most important NPCs and their relationship to each other (even a nice diagram at the end of the book).

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