How to clean Swiss bone storage

How to cleanse the body with food
How to cleanse the body with food
For many, the children's home program begins with a diet overhaul. Don't get carried away with fasting or fashionable diets like protein or juice. It is better to pay attention to the balance of your diet.
The Colo Vada Plus program - comprehensive, effective cleansing of the body
And to improve the processes of eliminating toxins from the body, choose products that stimulate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. This includes:
Products containing organic acids (sour milk, black bread, freshly squeezed fruit juices);
Products containing carbon dioxide (e.g. mineral water);
Products in which there are shells of plant cells (vegetables, cereal oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl barley);
vegetable fats (vegetable oil, nuts, avocados);
wiry meat;

Sugar is better replaced by honey - it also stimulates the work of the intestines. But it is better to refrain from using tea, coffee, cocoa, pomegranates, persimmons, blueberries, radishes, grated or heavily chopped foods: all these products inhibit the evacuation function of the intestines.
And do not forget that when you consume vegetable fiber, you need to drink more water than you are used to: 25 grams of fiber will need about two liters of water, and then your effects will be most effective.