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Resizeable BAR - Ryzen R9 5900X vs. Ryzen 9 3900XT with AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce in the benchmark

I wouldn't write that case .. :). You are more likely to use what is idle. Ultimately, rBAR is a GPUMmu (WDDM2) feature that can be supported in software and hardware, it is optional (so you don't have to blame Nvidia if it is not the case) and if you want to support it in hardware it requires some Register more. These are required in order to also inform the software in hardware which resource is available where, whereby the software can then assign the largest resource.

Since a few of the partners leaned out of the window for Nvidia (Asus again out in front), they are now obliged to bring them although they probably do not support these registers in hardware on gamer hardware.

rBAR was intended to cushion certain impacts with large memory configurations and to program on fixed sizes of system resources when dynamic is not required because pools are large enough. The PCI Sig never wrote that it had to support it in hardware and from your listing you can tell that small animals can also make crap.

Of course, software can generate an overhead when allocating resources, as was already evident in the case of drivers (or the utility programs mentioned). The fact that Nvidia likes to script something past the hardware is also known. AMD certainly doesn't do anything else when it counts. It was the same with the ACE.

Two I / O Die communicate directly, which is clearly faster. The software just has to allow it, as you can see from the APIs (games), not all support it equally well.

The original idea providers (sponsors) were HP in cooperation with AMD. It's only logical that they'll come with it at some point.

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