How much force to break your arm

Break test. Formula for calculating the force required to cut through a wooden board?

Huhu together!

My brother and I are discussing a questionable scene in the third Resident Evil film. In this, the main protagonist "Alice" lies on a table and is supposed to be raped. Suddenly she kicks the guy under the chin with Schmakkes, his head rushes back, the neck breaks and he falls over dead like a board, while blood gushes out of his mouth.

My questions):

1) Can blood flow there at all? (My brother has the theory that broken vertebrae pierced the flesh, but I'm skeptical.)

2) Is it even possible to break someone's neck like that?

3) If it were possible, can you put a force into your kick while lying down that is strong enough to break a neck?

It would be great if someone could help us.

Greetings, Mauretania