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Sunset is an American comedy film with western and thriller elements. The film, directed by Blake Edwards and starring Bruce Willis and James Garner, describes a fictional episode in the life of the then western and silent film star Tom Mix, who together with the legendary Wyatt Earp solves a crime in the film industry.

The famous western star Tom Mix is ​​said to play the legendary Marshal Wyatt Earp for the film producer Alfie Alperin, who used to be a well-known slapstick comedian. To this end, Earp is hired as a consultant specifically for the film. Mix and Earp get along straight away and so the first recordings of the famous shooting at the O.K. Corral turned.

German titleSunset in Hollywood
Original titleSunset
Country of productionUnited States
original languageEnglish
Publishing year1988
length103 minutes
Age ratingFSK 12
DirectorBlake Edwards
scriptBlake Edwards
Rodney Amateau (Story)
productionTony Adams
musicHenry Mancini
cameraAnthony B. Richmond
Dennis Weaver
cutRobert parchment
  • Bruce Willis: Tom Mix
  • James Garner: Wyatt Earp
  • Malcolm McDowell: Alfie Alperin
  • Mariel Hemingway: Cheryl King
  • Kathleen Quinlan: Nancy Shoemaker
  • Jennifer Edwards: Victoria Alperin
  • Patricia Hodge: Christina Alperin
  • Richard Bradford: Captain Blackworth
  • M. Emmet Walsh: Marvin Dibner
  • Joe Dallesandro: Dutch Kieffer
  • Dermot Mulroney: Michael Alperin
  • Andreas Katsulas: Arthur

Earp is asked by Christina (Alperin's wife and former friend of Earp) to help her son Michael, a notorious drinker, who allegedly beat up an animation lady in a nightclub. The marshal and mix visit the club and meet Alperin's sister Victoria, who visits the establishment together with Dutch Kieffer, a well-known underworld great. They meet the murdered owner Candice Gérard in the guest house and find the drunk Michael next to her. Earp and Mix escape with the boy before the police arrive and put him up with Mix's friend Nancy. When Wyatt returns to his house that evening, the desperate Cheryl, the club's bartender and alleged lover of Candice Gérard, is waiting for him there.
The next day, Earp and Mix are questioned in the office of Marvin Dibner, the security chief of the studio, by the corrupt head of the local homicide squad (Captain Blackworth), who saw the two fleeing from the crime scene the night before. He can't get anything out of either of them, though. During a break in filming, they learn from Nancy that Michael has fled. At lunch with Alperin, this Earp urges him to leave his wife alone and not stick his fingers in matters that are none of his business. The marshal realizes that behind the mask of the funny comedian hides a cold sadist who does not stop at his own wife. Mix also tells Earp that Alperin's tyrannical business conduct is well known in the industry.
Michael has been arrested in the meantime, so that Nancy is now also in danger because she has hidden Michael. Mix brings his girlfriend out of town. From Cheryl, Earp learns that she is actually the daughter of Candice and that her mother kept a book with compromising details about some of her city-famous guests, and that Blackworth and Dutch Kieffer are after her together. Before Earp can catch the gangster, he is knocked down and tied up in his club, which is also where Captain Blackworth is staying - but Cheryl and Mix can later free him.





Blake Edwards

(actually William Blake Crump; born July 26, 1922 in Tulsa, † December 15, 2010 in Santa Monica) was an American film director and producer, actor and screenwriter. He became famous with turbulent comedies, which were characterized by numerous gags and punch lines. He became internationally known primarily for the feature films in the Pink Panther series

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