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Guild Wars 2

A message from the PvP team:

Five weeks ago we started the first season of the PvP league. Since the start of the season, we've been interacting with many of you in-game and carefully following the discussions on the forums, Reddit, Twitch and other social networks to get as much feedback as possible. We now had a little time to evaluate your ideas and link them to the mountains of data that we have collected. We'd like to start the New Year by reviewing the changes that await you in Season 2 of the PvP League.

Matchmaking Changes
The matchmaking system that was used in season 1 uses your current division in the league and at the same time takes into account your individual rating for matchmaking (MMR). As a rule, you will be assigned opponents in your division who are about as strong as you. However, this also means that it will not be made easy for you from the start. Because of the way MMR works in ranked games, it becomes difficult to maintain a winning streak that allows you to advance through the various ranks and divisions. This is especially true in the higher divisions from Rubin, in which you can lose points and fall back to lower ranks. This system helps to make the games as challenging as possible for you, but it also makes it harder to reach the division that corresponds to your strength. As a player in the upper ranks, the level of difficulty of the matches in the Bernstein division would roughly correspond to the level of difficulty that you can expect from Rubin. After evaluating your feedback, we decided to take your individual skill level more into account than before when placing your division in PvP leagues.

With the start of season 2, your current position in the league division in matchmaking for ranked games will have priority in assigning your opponent. This is then in the same point range as you. The MMR of the other players in the same point range does not matter. While your direct opponents are selected based on the divisions, the MMR is used to divide teams of players with a similar skill level (and the same division point range). This is to ensure that you do not have to compete against players who are significantly stronger or weaker than you. Ultimately, the changes in matchmaking will ensure that your skill level is more taken into account when playing in PvP leagues and that the divisions are increasingly demanding.

Winning streaks