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STATE JOURNAL Impressed by police work

RHEINLAND-PALATINATE J LANDES OURNAL MDL KATHRIN ANKLAM-TRAPP ON NIGHT SHIFT IN WORMS Impressed by police work 12.80 euros are the wages for a night shift: The locally responsible MP received her salary in coins. The increase amount of 3.70 euros (37 cents / hour) from 2016 has been added in cent coins for a better view. The state parliament member Kathrin Anklam-Trapp (SPD) was able to experience some facets of the police service on her Friday night shift at PI Worms. BG chairman Ingo Schütte: "During the night you would have experienced something in every department at PP Mainz." A Friday night shift at PI Worms, that promised to be interesting. Already around Easter, Kathrin Anklam-Trapp's (MdL, deputy parliamentary group leader of the SPD) had the idea of ​​doing a night shift at the PI responsible for her constituency in Worms. The time had come on the Friday before the start of the Backfischfest. Already at 7 p.m. we met in a small group with the PI management to present the situation of PI Worms. Many topics were addressed, from personnel, salary and promotion situations, hardship allowance regulations, problems in connection with the situation of asylum seekers to violence against police officers as well as work-life balance. At about 8.30 p.m. the shift started and after a short phase BG chairman Ingo Schütte handed over the DUZ for a full night shift. The money went straight to the coffee check-out of DG A. when we got to know each other for the first patrol trip. The situation here was that various topics were discussed in detail again. The MP Anklam-Trapp was from Service Group A who was able to. PI Worms and GdP colleagues Ingo Schütte (front right) and Anna Weber schil-Stefan Dommermuth (front left) warmly welcomed and looked after. vividly changed her experiences in the daily service and again to blow against the colleagues what one was pulled out as a police officer, had to listen to the pepper. The night passed to be used spray. At the festival, it was rather relaxed and apart from a reception and bondage, there was then a missing person and a negative massive insults against the fire report, there was nothing special- colleagues. That in theory res. heard was now experienced live. In the morning it got exciting In the morning it got exciting for the guest of service group A. A fight was reported in Pfeddersheim, which turned out to be topical when it arrived. The two counterparties could be separated in the first phase and dismissed after identification of personal details and issuing of evictions. Hardly at the station, there were more calls that the two would probably fight again three streets away. When we arrived, the aggression of one of them was directed against the police. Even the threat of a baton and pepper spray was of no avail. When a garbage can flew in our direction and DUZ payment. Under the impressions of these experiences, 12.80 euros DUZ were paid for ten hours of night shift. As of January 1, 2016, this amount will rise to a “fabulous” 16.50 euros. In return, one likes to be insulted, attacked, hit and possibly injured at night. Professionalism and circumspection Ms. Anklam-Trapp after the night shift: "I am very impressed with how professional and circumspect our officers are, in action, in cooperation with fire and rescue services, with drunk people, in the event of burglary and in dealing with violent people." - 2015 German Police 1 J LANDES OURNAL Rhineland-Palatinate HJAV youth mixes in at the top In August, the newly elected main youth and trainee representatives (HJAV) met for their first meeting at the Police College. Ernst Scharbach, chairman of the main staff council, and Oliver Riehm, member of the JAV at the Police College (HdP), took part in the meeting. HJAV was positive about the new curriculum. Furthermore, the 13th JAVForum taking place on September 22nd, 2015 at the Werner & Mertz company in Mainz was discussed. The HJAV would also like to be represented there and will take part in a panel discussion under the leadership of the Prime Minister. The training of the HJAV regarding the LPersVG will take place on November 11th, 2015. In the near future, the HJAV would like to plan and carry out a workshop with all JAVs of the Rhineland-Palatinate police in order to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas about common concerns and problems. After a brief welcome and a round of introductions, Chairman Timo Becker reported on appointments that had already been made. Including one The board of the HJAV - v. l. Chairman Timo Becker - invitation of the Prime Minister in the Ministry of the Interior after the joint meeting with tin Malu Dreyer in the state staff council on the subject of Curriculum 3.0. office, various meetings with students as well as the school management of the Curriculum 3.0 was the main topic HdP or the former HJAV-Vorwohnraumsituation sitting Christoph Hanschke. The main topic of the session was the Curriculum 3.0, which from the following is a joint1. 10. 2015 with the start of the 14th bachelor's degree course is to be introduced with State Secretary Günter. It describes the content and goals of the core aim, in which, among other things. about the GERMAN POLICE edition: Rhineland-Palatinate state district of courses and represents the housing and refugee situation on the course plan. The entire Hahn campus is to be spoken of. Office: Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Straße 15 55129 Mainz Telephone (0 61 31) 96 00 90 Fax (0 61 31) 9 60 09 99 Internet: www.gdp-rp.de E-Mail: [email protected] Editor: Bernd Becker (viSdP) Police Union Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Str. 15 55129 Mainz Telephone (0 61 31) 96 00 90 Fax (0 61 31) 9 60 09 99 E-Mail: [email protected] GdP VISIT AT PP WESTPFALZ May: Entry made easy Publishing and advertising management: VERLAG DEUTSCHE POLIZEILITERATUR GMBH Advertising management A company of the police union Forststraße 3a, 40721 Hilden Telephone (02 11) 71 04-1 83 Fax (02 11) 71 04-1 74 Responsible for the advertising part: Antje Kleuker The advertising price list No. 37 of January 1st, 2015 applies Address administration: The respective offices of the regional districts are responsible. Production: L.N. Schaffrath GmbH & Co. KG DruckMedien Marktweg 42–50, 47608 Geldern Postfach 14 52, 47594 Geldern Telephone (0 28 31) 3 96-0 Fax (0 28 31) 8 98 87 ISSN 0170-6470 2 10 - 2015 German Police Die GdP visiting the new chief of the West Palatinate Police Headquarters: Ernst Scharbach (left), Margarethe Relet, Werner Hilmer and Uwe Leitheiser (from right) exchanged views with Elmar May (2nd from right) on all current topics. The current refugee problem played a role as well as some special features of the West Palatinate. Authority head May it was important to note that he was already feeling very comfortable in the new authority. Getting started was made very easy for him from all sides. In this context, he also thanked the staff councils. Rhineland-Palatinate J LANDES OURNAL GESUNDHEIT I: GdP AM "ILG" GESUNDHEIT II: ADD Well advised with Prof. Letzel Good contact An inquisitive GdP group met at the Institute for Teachers' Health (ILG) in Mainz for a lecture and a conversation by and with ILG head Professor Stephan Letzel. From left: Dietrich Gödker, Verena Horn, Bernd Becker, Gerhard Jung, Prof. Stephan Letzel, Ernst Scharbach, Christoph Hanschke, Marco Christen, Alexandra Thiers, Antje Wels, Corinna Koch, Uwe Kaßler, Michael Schimbeno Photo: Gabler GdP and ADD remain in contact (from left): Ingrid Babin, Dieter Engemann, Dagmar Barzen Since 2011, the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz has had the “Institute for Teachers' Health”. The head, Professor Stephan Letzel, is a company doctor and occupational health and safety expert with a nationwide reputation. His institute covers the subject of occupational medicine and occupational safety for around 40,000 teachers. When it comes to (technical) occupational safety, the Mainz specialists work together with the school authorities, i.e. the respective municipalities. Professor Letzel let the visitors from the GdP share in his experiences with the school service and had also developed suggestions as to how a corresponding organization of industrial medicine and occupational safety for the police could be presented. All participants agreed: A comparable institute for the police is a complex challenge, as answers have to be found on the topics of curative care, treatment, assistance and assessment. Ernst Scharbach thanked Prof. Letzel for the open and good advice. GdP-Forum Healthy Police What has to be done so that police officers stay healthy and the police perform well? GdP conference on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the riot police hall in Mainz. EXPERT COMMITTEE FOR THE PROTECTIVE POLICE Media: The SWR checked "Police, violence and videos - when operations get out of hand." This report on SWR television caused criticism in police circles because correct use was presented as a negative example of police violence. Tina Horn and Björn Neureuther from FA Schutzpolizei met with the responsible editors and reported on it in the federal section of the GERMAN POLICE. For most of the Rhineland-Palatinate civil servants, the ADD claims settlement agency (SRS) is, in the truest sense of the word, the decisive body when it comes to occupational accident insurance and compensation. ADD President Dagmar Barzen had invited the GdP to another meeting in order to make SRS's progress in terms of customer orientation clear. The deputy head of the SRS, Ingrid Babin, emphasized to the GdP representative Dieter Engemann the positive experiences with mutual observation. The topics of violence and psychological stress are no longer only known theoretically at the SRS. The processing time until a work accident is recognized is also an important issue at SRS. If, however, reports were given externally, you no longer have any influence on the processing time. The two lawyers of the SRS are expressly offered as contact persons for colleagues seeking advice and the police doctor. In the case of work accidents - on this point it was agreed - individual decisions are often required. Claims against “the police counterpart” would consistently be fought for in court, explained Ms. Babin, although there were often problems with enforcement due to insolvency. Another meeting has been agreed for the beginning of 2016. 10 - 2015 German Police 3 J LANDES OURNAL Rhineland-Palatinate THANKS TO THE GdP AND THE POLICE Just thank you And the GdP received some nice thank-you letters, which referred to both the GdP itself and the police. In short: We have decided to briefly cast off the usual modesty and publish some tests. In addition, we print excerpts from an interview that our colleague Steffi Loth conducted with Gerke Minrath. Enjoy reading. Aid The GdP received these two letters after the publication of a leaflet on the eligibility of funeral expenses: Hello colleagues, regarding the above. Leaflet v. June 11th, 2015 I would like to thank you very much later. On the basis of this notification, I received a reimbursement of 3500 euros from the aid agency regarding the funeral expenses of my mother, who died a year and a half ago. It was interesting that the other political unions (DPolG / BDK) apparently did not issue any corresponding notification to their members. At least that's how I was told by colleagues who are organized in these unions. In any case, I was happy about the refund. Those are the moments when you think, it's great, that I'm in the right union. What use is a union to me if no information flows, especially in such an important financial and time-related matter. Everyone knows how much funeral costs can be. Of course, I also ask myself why this information was not distributed to employees directly and in good time by the state aid office or State Office for Finance. I can guess. So once again many thanks and greetings from the southern Palatinate. Joachim Since then, THANK YOU POLICE DAY Gerke Minrath is volunteering in the association “No violence against police officers”. In her main office she is a vocational school teacher in Ahrweiler. Decisive for her commitment are her own experiences with which the police came to her aid. Since 2014 she and her association have been establishing September 19 as “Thank You Police Day”. The colleague Steffi Loth wanted to know more and asked her. We publish the complete interview in the newsletter "Briefly reported". DP: What are the goals of your club? Minrath: On the one hand we want to inform the public about the issue of violence against police officers and on the other hand we want to offer police officers support. We focus on violence against police officers. DP: How did you get started? Minrath: We emerged from an internet project. In September 4 10 - 2015 German police Gerke Minrath on September 8 in the press conference for the “Thank You Police Day” 2015 in the PP Mainz. Also present (from left): PP Reiner Hamm, Minister of the Interior and patron of the campaign, Roger Lewentz, and video artist Michael Pohl Photo: PP Mainz The association was founded in 2011, at the time it had eleven founding members. There are now active members all over Germany. About 50% of them are non-police officers, many teachers, pastors, students and even housewives. So people from very different backgrounds. DP: What actions are you doing? Minrath: In 2014 we held a nationwide Thank You Police Day. We visited all the offices in the Ahrweiler district, as I come from the area. And sent postcards to all departments. We also try to have a local presence at Demos. Just drop by and verbally strengthen your back. We write recovery cards to injured police officers. They are also often well received. There are also member magazines and topic-related literature from us, e.g. B. on the subject of firearms or extremism. The poster campaign with the two police officers, who advertise that parents should not threaten the police, may also be known. The posters are posted in many offices in the visitor area. Rhineland-Palatinate THANKS TO THE GdP AND TO THE POLICE Dear Mr. Scharbach, Thank you very much for your letter dated June 11, 2015 and this important information about the subsidy regulations in the event of the death of one of your members. In the case of my mother, my applications for the incurred funeral expenses have already been reimbursed. (....) My parents were in the GdP for over 55 years and that speaks for the good work of your state executive. Sincerely, Martina Carmona, Leubsdorf Welcome culture This letter found its way to Rhineland-Palatinate via the GdP federal executive board and is about a nice piece of welcome culture in the western Palatinate: Dear Sir or Madam, Last Thursday, “Die Rheinpfalz” reported on the Somali Asylum seeker Saeed Burale Farah and his wife Rahma and also informed about the everyday life of the two, their wishes and hopes. It was also mentioned that Rahma loves sewing, but that it would be much easier and faster for her if she had a sewing machine. Lo and behold, the next day two of your employees brought a stylish Singer suitcase sewing machine over to the young couple. Yes, what else can you say? You are immediately stunned and incredibly happy about so much support and helpfulness and when it comes from the police, you are also incredibly proud that you have such police officers in the city and the district. Not only the two young Somalis, but also me as their supervisor am very happy about this high level of commitment. At this point, many, many heartfelt thanks, that was really great and a prime example of the saying that at least I still know from the past: "The police, your friend and helper!". Against the background that the work of our police is becoming more and more dangerous and, unfortunately, it is apparently less and less appreciated, especially by the press and wherever by various employers, I am particularly pleased about this story and that it gave me the opportunity to tell you also to be able to communicate. When the editor in charge of the Rheinpfalz article is back from vacation, I will of course inform her about it. Best regards and all the best, Ingo Dein, 67697 Otterberg Police and media / legal protection The colleague Jessica Fritzen, at the time at PI Westerburg, was the victim of criminal proceedings as a result of a videographed and globally published police operation. She thanks for the correct treatment by representatives of her police headquarters and with this letter (excerpt) to the GdP: Dear colleagues, About six months ago I and three other colleagues came to the center of the news and media world while on duty. On June 26th, 2013, the Koblenz public prosecutor accused me of having made myself liable to prosecution for avoiding punishment in office.I would like to forego a presentation of the facts at this point, as most of you will be familiar with this. On October 23, 2013, the public prosecutor's office in Koblenz officially closed the criminal complaint without any proceedings. You can certainly imagine that the long wait for a positive outcome to the proceedings was not easy. It was only through the great support of many colleagues that I was able to motivate myself again and again and to believe in justice. It is therefore a special wish of the heart to thank everyone who thought of me and gave me courage, hope and strength. As a result, I always had the feeling that I wasn't alone in this difficult situation and that I wasn't losing courage. I would like to express my special thanks to Markus Stöhr, our J LANDES OURNAL trade union attorney (GdP), and Mr Ernst Scharbach (regional chairman of the GdP), who were always at my side with advice and action on legal and personal matters. I would like to address the GdP district group Westerwald / Rhein-Lahn very personally, especially the district group chairman Gerhard Jung and the district group chairman Ralf Pörtner. They were fully behind us as a union and did everything in their power. In particular, I would like to thank Ralf Pörtner. Ralf was available for me around the clock. He offered me his help at any time and always had the right encouraging words available that put a smile on my face on one or the other day. I am proud to be a member of such a great and helpful union. Jessica Fritzen SHORT & CRUCIAL n Immediate response to the subject of evidence management The criminal investigation committee in the GdP had - among other issues - turned to department head Laux and interior minister Lewentz about the storage and transport of evidence. The answer came immediately by letter: They want to comply with the GdP's request and evaluate the implementation of the regulation criticized in the individual service. Until then, thank you very much. n Gays and lesbians in the police force The association of lesbian and gay police officers has a new website: www.velspol-rp.de Velspol offers, among other things, advice to authorities and institutions and participation in training measures. 10 - 2015 German Police 5 J LANDES OURNAL Rhineland-Palatinate SHORT REPORT FROM THE MAIN STAFF COUNCIL Curriculum of the BA course optimized The most important submission of the September meeting of the main staff council was the new version of the curriculum for the Bachelor course. to all those involved for an “excellent result” and the intensive work of those who developed the new curriculum and content. The new curriculum should apply from the 14th BA on October 1, 2015. The HPRP agrees. Reports Ernst Scharbach reports from the first meeting of the special forces and special forces steering group. Much depends on the availability of real estate and premises. There is to be an information event for all those affected in September. The HPRP addressed the fact that Rhineland-Palatinate police applicants were reported to the State of Hesse. In this context, the rapporteur Ingo Schütte formulates numerous questions that are to be put to the ISIM. BA Curriculum 3.0 The head of the Police College (HdP), Friedel Durben, presented the “new curriculum” for the BA course together with the project managers Patrick Schwab and Manuel Kiy. The overall goals were therefore to further increase quality, reduce the burden on individual service and HdP. At the beginning, “more police” should become clear in the course of study, in order to make it clear what the police profession is all about. The focus of optimization was the first year of study and the last two modules. Modules 7 and 8 were merged, module 3 - the social sciences - was distributed and integrated into all modules. This results in a reduction from 14 to twelve modules. The interdisciplinary approach is to be strengthened. "Learning loops" are intended to ensure that the modules with the highest level of performance are interlinked at the end of the course. High-performing and weaker students should be recognized early and the risk of failing should be reduced. The aspect of resilience of the students is to be taken into account with a three-day training, the importance of self-protection is increased. 6 10 - 2015 German Police There should also be advantages for the organization of teaching and for the examination office. The so-called trial internship will be reduced from five to one day. In return, training is provided on the devices "Evidential" (breath alcohol) and "Live-Scan" (ed treatment) on one day at the Hahn location. Research and documentation training has been redesigned. The topic of sport should be pursued more stringently, the first performance review should take place earlier. Ethical contexts of the police service and dealing with social diversity are offered more intensively and in a modified manner. The entire main youth and trainee representatives were present at the HdP lecture. Chairman Timo Becker expressly praised the good integration and was satisfied with the result. HPRP chairman Ernst Scharbach thanked the coordination office for refugees The police department of the ISIM has been entrusted with the task of "coordination office for refugees" and is reinforced by an official for this purpose. Tender Mzkw. After clarifying the last equipment features (device for cool box, vehicle interior height, air conditioning, etc.), the HPRP has approved the tender. Detection dogs It is currently being checked whether it makes sense to keep track dogs available as operational equipment. To this end, the HPRP conducts a query with the general and facility staff councils. Ernst Scharbach GdP AT THE HELICOPTER TEAM Diversity of job profiles Margarethe Relet, deputy GdP state chairwoman and tariff specialist in the main staff council, visited in the company of the chairman of the general technical and high responsibility: Margarethe Relet with aircraft mechanic Philipp Tüchthuisen. nen staff council of the riot police, Silvia Schnöll, the police helicopter squadron in Winningen. They gained an insight into the activities of the Flir operators and looked over the shoulder of the aircraft mechanics. Questions about the categorization and filling of tariff positions were the focus of the discussion. The colleagues also dealt with questions about working hours and the status of the planned cooperation with the Hessen helicopter squadron. The visit once again showed the diversity of job profiles within the police force and the difficulty in reconciling collective bargaining law with all these facets. Advertisement 10 - 2015 German police 7 Y GdP AT THE POLICE ORCHESTRA LANDES OURNAL Rhineland-Palatinate GdP among the advocates WE MORE Sven Schmelzer - 43 years KG Vorderpfalz Herbert Braunbach - 92 years KG PD Kaiserslautern Arno Ullmann - 72 years KG Vorderpfalz Aloysius Hess - 93 years KG PP Trier We will keep an honorable memory for you. WE CONGRATULATE YOUR BIRTHDAY artists and trade unionists: Joachim Lösch, conductor Stefan Grefig, Margarethe Relet and Ernst Scharbach GdP boss Ernst Scharbach and his vice Margarethe Relet visited the State Police Orchestra (LPO). The focus was on a conversation with the new chief conductor Stefan Grefig and the chairman of the staff council, Joachim Lösch. Stefan Grefig has been at the helm of the musical advertising medium for the Rhineland-Palatinate police since September 2014. The orchestra leader, born in Landau in 1976, made his first love for his profession: he was committed to Army Music Corps 300 in Koblenz during his military service and then studied instrumental pedagogy and trumpet in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt as well as orchestral conducting and conducting in Maastricht. From his previous work as a conductor and teacher, he brings many new ideas and great commitment to the LPO. His first months were marked by a packed concert schedule and diverse musical and administrative challenges. In the autumn of last year, a media-effective report by the federal government of taxpayers in Rhineland-Palatinate caused a stir. The BdSt called for the LPO to be dissolved, or at least to be merged with the Hessen Police Orchestra. Interior Minister Roger Lewenz made it unmistakably clear that the state, the state government and the police could not and do not want to do without the successful orchestra in its current form and line-up. Nevertheless, the report caused uncertainty 8 10 - 2015 German police among the employees of the orchestra. How good that the GdP is one of the many advocates and supporters of the LPO. GdP chairman Ernst Scharbach explained the work of the police union to the new orchestra leader. He reported on the priorities of the trade union work in recent years and on the GdP's commitment to the police orchestra and the jobs of the musicians. News The GdP guests in turn found out more about current problems with the orchestra from Stefan Grefig and Joachim Lösch. In addition to securing jobs in the long term, the grouping of orchestral musicians will certainly be a focus of trade union work in the future. Stefan Grefig thanked the union leaders for their visit and suggestions. He is looking forward to the cooperation and of course he was also happy to receive a declaration of accession to the GdP. Joachim Lösch Super present for music lovers The LPO has already produced two CDs that can be purchased. A third recording is in preparation. If you are looking for an extraordinary gift for an honor or a farewell, a CD from the LPO is definitely the right one. Please contact Joachim Lösch directly. 70 years Eberhard Schmidt and Udo Leimig, KG Rhein-Nahe Klaus-Jürgen Apsel, KG PP / PD Koblenz 75 years Hans Siebel, KG LPS / HdP Georg Korn, KG PP / PD Koblenz Herbert Köbel, KG Vorderpfalz 80 years Egon Lichtmeß, KG PD Trier 90 years Rudolf Steiner, KG Südpfalz Peter Kolling, KG PD Trier 95 years Georg Molitor, KG PP / PD Mainz Peter Kerner, KG Rhein-Nahe (both already in September) ALL THE BEST IN RETIREMENT Eberhard Thiel, Wiljo Schiffer and Leo Lück , KG Neuwied / Altenkirchen Hans Maaßen, KG PP Westpfalz Monika Engelhart, KG WSP Rainer Langhanke, KG PP / PD Mainz Paul Friedrich, Ursula Bergmann and Matthias Höwer, KG Westerwald / Rhein-Lahn Markus Ott, KG PD Trier Hans-Werner Steffens, KG PD Wittlich

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