Java io ioexception how to fix

internal exception an existing connection was closed by the remote host

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  • The solution from Neophyte is not the solution you want to hear and the most desirable one, but it works for me as well. Am also with 1 & 1 therefore whatever the current problem is, it must probably be due to the connection from server to provider. I don't know much about it myself, so I'm glad that there is a temporary solution at all and as soon as the situation changes back to normal in Germany, I think everything will slowly work again for everyone, but currently they are looking for alternatives out. All of you n good WE: 3

    Hmm, it doesn't actually work for me .. But I've now temporarily rented a server somewhere else ... unfortunately, well, nothing is useful if everyone wants to play on it and at 1 & 1 is n stupid vpn needs

  • I cannot use the VPN "solution" either. It works though. But I play on my server with 4 technically untalented people and to explain to them how they do it is too much effort for me. We also rented a server elsewhere.

  • Hello everyone,

    I see I am not the only one who has this problem, but I think I have come a good step closer to the solution or the actual problem.

    At the moment we assume that it must be due to the router configuration and I need your help with that ...

    If everyone who has this problem could once write down your provider and the model of the router (especially whether FritzBox or not) (just quote my answer or write it down directly), we can narrow down the problem and then it can be solved more easily.

    Thanks for your help and hopefully we can all play again soon without any problems.

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    Hello, same problem: Router: Fritzbox 7412

    Provider: 1 & 1

    It also works for me via a VPN connection.

    Likewise via the mobile phone hotspot.

    Kind regards.

  • It doesn't work for me either.

    Provider: ewe

    Fritz! Box 7590

    It didn't work with VPN either.

  • I have the same problem only that it is on every server and it takes 1 - 3 hours until that is over and I can continue playing.

  • In case people are new to this site. All the problems you have can have happened in different ways, there is no point in exchanging the provider and router, the problem that is most likely is that the various Internet lines on which your providers are designed are overloaded. Some more, some less, so it can also be explained with the connection of servers. If you connect to, it will most likely work, as the lines near the server are very stable and busy. But if you even have private Minecraft servers and live in a city that is based on home office, it may be that the lines around you are too busy and therefore you joint, the landscape does not load and you are then kicked again. This is not a guarantee that it has to be because of this, it is only an approach because this problem arises very differently and has very diverse causes, so it is difficult to fix something. From where I know this? Many years of experience in IT.

    Hope that should enlighten you a bit, lg N3on