How to change the bracelet without scratching

Fitbit Versa: Change the wristband in just a few steps

02/22/19 from

Sascha Adermann

The Fitbit Versa did well in our test. It is functional, elegant and comfortable to wear. You can also easily change the bracelet if you feel like a little variety. The exchange of the two bracelets (top and bottom) even works without tools on this smartwatch. We explain to you how the bracelet change works without any problems and what you should pay attention to when buying a new bracelet.

What to look out for when buying a bracelet

There are various bracelets to choose from for the Fitbit Versa. But not all of them are unreservedly suitable for sporting activities. The classic standard bracelet is a good choice for active contemporaries. It consists of elastomer material, a rubber-like plastic, and is available in several colors. The material is robust and water-repellent, making it suitable for running and swimming. After all, the watch itself is water-repellent up to a depth of 50 meters.

In contrast, the various stainless steel bracelets, the Horween leather bracelet and the knitted bracelet are neither sweat- nor water-repellent. So you should not come into contact with moisture, or only slightly.

And then of course the size of the bracelet also plays an important role. Some types of bracelets for the Fitbit Versa are only available in one size, but other variants are available in different sizes. According to the manufacturer, small bracelets fit wrists with a circumference of 140 - 180 millimeters. Large straps are suitable for a wrist circumference of 180 - 220 millimeters. If you are exactly in the middle in terms of size, you should go for the larger version.

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Remove the old bracelet

Once you have found a suitable bracelet for your smartwatch, nothing stands in the way of changing the bracelet. Fortunately, you don't need any tools or manual skills to swap the Fitbit Versa.

First turn the smartwatch over and look for the clasps of the bracelet. You will find a clasp where the two bracelets are attached to the case. Which side you start with doesn't matter. The process is identical on both sides. Press the clasp inwards with your finger to loosen the bracelet and carefully pull it away from the fitness watch.

Attach a new bracelet

Now you can attach the new bracelet. Make sure that you fasten the band with the clasp on the upper part of the watch. Otherwise you will not be able to close the Fitbit Versa on the wrist as usual and intended.

Slide the pin of your new bracelet into the matching notch on the watch case. This pin is on the side opposite the clasp. Then you push the clasp inwards and push the other end of the strap into the correct position. Once you have inserted both ends of the pen, let go of the clasp. If you've done everything correctly, your new bracelet should now be attached.


  • No tools needed to change the bracelet
  • The strap with the clasp belongs on the upper side of the watch
  • The process is identical for both bracelets:
  • Press the clasp inwards, carefully pull the strap away from the case
  • Slide the pin into the matching notch on the housing
  • Press the clasp inwards while pushing the other end into position
  • Release the buckle when both ends of the pen are in the correct position