How To Eat Thai Coconut

How do you eat a coconut?

Buy coconuts in the supermarket, do not choose small ones. These only have a thin layer of meat and their water tastes less aromatic than that of a ripe fruit.

How to open a coconut properly

Opening the coconut is easy with a hammer:

  1. Punch holes.Use a hammer and a pointed object to punch holes in two of the eyes (dark spots) on the narrow side of the coconut.
  2. Drain the coconut water. Let the coconut water drain - either into a glass or you can throw it away.
  3. Loosen the shell in the oven. To get to the coconut meat, place the coconut in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. In this way, the hard shell almost comes off by itself.
  4. Open the bowl with a hammer. Alternatively, hit a line lengthways around the coconut with a hammer and a pointed object.
  5. Open the bowl.With a little force and a knife, you open the bowl.
  6. Loosen meat. Now you can easily loosen the meat with a spoon and enjoy.

Drink coconut water straight from the coconut

You now know how to open and eat a coconut. But how does a drinking coconut succeed?

  1. The right position.Hold the coconut vertically with the narrower end up.
  2. Hit the lid.Use a hammer and a pointed object to hit a line around the top to make a lid. Alternatively, use a saw.
  3. Take off the cover.Remove the lid from the coconut.
  4. Drink.You can now drink the liquid from the coconut with a straw.

To get to the tasty fiber layer, use the same technique as described above.

How to Eat the Nut - Tips on Using

You can drink the coconut water pure. It is a refreshing and healthy drink, especially for athletes. It tastes particularly good when you refrigerate it before consuming it. You can also mix exotic cocktails with and without alcohol with the water. Mixed with a fruit juice, coconut water is also a pleasure.

Refine hearty Asian dishes with coconut water. This gives your dish an aromatic note and is considerably lower in calories than white coconut milk. For dessert, you serve your own ice cream creations that can be made with the water. How about a coconut and lime ice cream, for example?

You can eat the coconut pulp fresh as a snack. Important: Store the meat in the refrigerator, otherwise it will go rancid quickly. Alternatively, you can freeze it. When dried - in rasps or as chips - coconuts keep even longer.

Fresh or dried coconut flakes go very well in mueslis. The coconut also gives pure yoghurt an aromatic taste. You can also use the pulp to refine desserts and pastries. Coconut with chocolate and / or fruit is a wonderful combination.

Did you know: You can easily make coconut milk yourself from coconut meat. You can then use these to refine Asian dishes and sauces. The milk also tastes good in soups.

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