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Powerful Fun: 14 Jackie Chan Films You Must Know

Putting all the films with Jackie Chan in one list is actually impossible. His filmography counts over 140 films - not counting the films announced or still in production! That's why we've put together a selection of 14 new and old really good Jackie Chan films for you. Have fun!

"The Knight of Shadows" (2019)

Are you looking for a new film with Jackie Chan? Then "The Knight of Shadows" is your first choice. In the historical fantasy comedy, the actor can be seen as the demon hunter Pu Songling, who protects people from the evil creatures from the underworld. At his side is the budding policeman Fei - and a whole series of good demons. As more and more girls disappear from the district, Pu Songling is faced with his biggest and most difficult puzzle to date.

"The Foreigner" (2017)

After the daughter of the Chinese cook Quan (Jackie Chan) is killed in a bomb attack in London, the desperate father tries to get official help to solve the crime. But when he finds out that even high government officials are involved in the case, a personal revenge campaign begins, which soon takes on dramatic proportions in the Jackie Chan film.

"Skiptrace" (2016)

Detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) has been after the unscrupulous gang boss Victor Wong (Winston Chao) for years. But when his goddaughter (Fan Bingbing) is targeted by Wong's syndicate, the situation finally becomes dire. Now Chan has to arrest the American gambler Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville), because he has important information that could bring Wong down.

"Karate Kid" (2010)

Since moving to Beijing, young Dre Parker's (Jaden Smith) world has been upside down. Until he falls in love with his new classmate May Ying (Han Wenwen). But some rowdies at his school don't like that at all. They bully and beat up the boy - until caretaker Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) intervenes. Now Dre has to learn Kung Fu with his help as fast as possible, because an approaching competition will set the course for his future.

"City of Violence" (2009)

"City of Violence" is arguably one of the darkest Jackie Chan films. Tietou (Jackie Chan) makes his way as an illegal immigrant in the Japanese capital Tokyo, always looking for his old love Xiu Xiu (Xu Jinglei). But violent street gangs and the police target him and other illegal immigrants. And then Tietou also finds out that Xiu Xiu has meanwhile married a high-ranking yakuza. Is there still an escape from the spiral of violence?

"Forbidden Kingdom" (2008)

"Forbidden Kingdom" is the first film in which Jackie Chan and Jet Li provide action together. You embody the two legendary Chinese fighters Lu Yan and the Monkey King. Together with Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano), who traveled through time to ancient China, both have to fight the jade warlord (Collin Chou) for the last time. Can they fulfill the prophecy and restore balance in the heavenly kingdom?

"The Myth" (2005)

If you are into Chinese mythology, you will love this film with Jackie Chan! As the archaeologist Jack, the star embarks on a search for the legendary tomb of the Emperor of Qin. But strange dreams always lead him back into the past. As General Meng Yi, he not only has to fight with his forbidden love for Princess Ok-soo (Kim Hee-sun), but also for the survival of both of them. Soon dream and reality intertwine more and more until Jack makes a surprising discovery.

"Rush Hour" (1998)

When the daughter of the Chinese consul is kidnapped, the police officer Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) from Hong Kong is flown in to help with the investigation - which the US authorities do not like at all. Lee is babysatted by the insubordinate Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker). But nobody expected that the unequal couple could ally and go together in search of the diplomat's daughter ...

The film was so successful that after Part 2 and Part 3, a fourth film is now in the works.

"Jackie Chan is Nobody" (1998)

As a member of a mercenary troop, Jackie (Jackie Chan) is on the road in South Africa - but then his employers want to eliminate the team. Only Jackie survived, but lost his memory in the incident. On his crazy tour through Africa he meets the rally driver Yuki (Mirai Yamamoto), who wants to help him get his memory back. But then Jackie's old employers become aware of the mercenary who is not dead - and hunt him down again.

In English, the film with Jackie Chan is called "Who am I" - freely after the name that the African natives give to the unfortunate Jackie in the film.

"Mr. Nice Guy - Fight First, Ask Then" (1997)

TV chef Jackie (Jackie Chan) is an ace at the stove and an absolutely nice guy. But when a journalist inadvertently pulls him into her anger with drug lord Giancarlo (Richard Norton), the quiet everyday life is over. And when his people kidnap Jackie's girlfriend Miki (Miki Lee), the nice guy finally stops having fun.

"Rumble in the Bronx" (1994)

With "Rumble in the Bronx" Jackie Chan celebrated his big breakthrough in the USA in 1994. In the film, Chan plays the young Keung, who travels to New York for the wedding of his uncle (Bill Tung). But then Keung not only clashes with a motorcycle gang, but also in the middle of a diamond coup belonging to the Mafia.

"City Hunter" (1993)

Private detective Ryo Saeba, called City Hunter (Jackie Chan), is a daredevil and womanizer. Much to the displeasure of his secretly obsessed assistant Kaori (Joey Wong). When City Hunter is set on the missing daughter of a rich publisher, an insane chase takes its course.

"City Hunter" is not only based on the manga series of the same name by Tsukasa Hojo, the "Street Fighter" scene is also one of the most iconic and especially acclaimed parts of the entire film.

"Armor of God" (1986)

In "Armor of God", adventurer Jackie, known as "Asian Hawk" (Jackie Chan), has to take on a whole sect. She is not only after the individual parts of a mystical armor, but also kidnapped Jackie's old flame Laura (Rosamund Kwan). And these are by no means the only dark machinations in which the alleged "monks" are involved.

"Armor of God" was the greatest box office success in Chan's career up to that point and was so popular that there were even two more sequels: "Mission Adler - The Strong Arm of the Gods" (1991) and "Armor of God - Chinese Zodiac "(2012).

"Police Story" (1985)

With "Police Story" Jackie Chan achieved his final breakthrough as a film star in 1985. In the film he embodies Police Detective Kevin, who after a long investigation finally succeeds in arresting drug lord Chee (Chor Yuen). Chee's secretary is supposed to testify against her old boss, but then she disappears. Chee is set free - and Kevin starts a dramatic fight that ends up being a matter of life and death.

There were a total of five sequels to "Police Story", of which the last two, as reboots of the series, increasingly rely on hard action and a dramatic plot: "New Police Story" (2004) and "Police Story: Lockdown" (2013).

New films with Jackie Chan

  • "Vanguard" (2020): In "Vanguard" Jackie Chan is allowed to let off steam as a member of a secret security company. In the film, they face the deadliest mercenary troop in the world.
  • "Project X-Traction" (2021): Together with John Cena, Jackie Chan is on the road as an ex-Special Forces soldier in his new film. His mission: escort a group of civilians through Baghdad to the security zone. It goes without saying that it bangs a lot. When exactly we will see the film next year is still open.
  • "Chinese Zodiac 2" (2021): The sequel to Jackie Chan's film "Armor of God - Chinese Zodiac" from 2012 has also not yet had an exact start date.
  • "Shanghai Dawn" (announced): In the sequels to "Shang-High Noon" (2000) and "Shanghai Knights" (2003) Jackie Chan can be seen once more as Chon Wang. Owen Wilson is also back as Roy O'Bannon. A start date has not yet been set.