How to unblock websites on Chromebooks

How to manage and optimize Chromebook apps in 2021

Tabs bring you down? Check out our guide for information on managing Chrome tabs. These tips work on Chromebooks too.

After you've created the app, you can remove it from the shelf. Right-click the icon on the shelf and choose Remove. The app stays in the launcher. To remove the app from your Chromebook, right-click the icon and choose Remove from Chrome.

You can add more app icons to the shelf by right-clicking these icons in the launcher and selecting Remove from Shelf.

Use the search as a launcher

Even if you create groupings and icons for your apps, you might still be wasting time looking for the items you want. The Chromebook's search box in the launcher behaves like Spotlight on the Mac and the Start menu on Windows. Once you start typing, the launcher will look for related apps. Strangely enough, the apps' folders are not found. If you say "OK Google", the app won't be found either.

Do you need further search functions? We've covered a few third-party extensions that add more search capabilities to Chrome.

Decide whether your app should be synchronized across devices

I use Chrome on every device I own: Macs, PCs, Android, iOS, and Chromebook. I don't want to keep the same stuff installed on my Chromebook as on my Mac Chrome.

By default, the Chromebook syncs all information with your account. When you click Settings-> People-> Advanced Sync Settings. Instead of syncing everything, you can turn off apps and extensions. This will ensure that my Chromebook experience is different from my other devices.

Would you like more synchronization options? Check out our TabCloud guide to learn how to sync sessions across all of your browsers and devices.

By default, when you organize your app folders, they won't sync with other devices. If you have more than one Chromebook, you may want to sync them with Google. That way, every Chromebook you log into has the same stuff. To do this, enter chrome: // flags in the Omnibox. Then look for the enable-sync-app-list flag and select enabled.

Chromebooks may not be able to run all fully functional programs from other operating systems. This is beneficial in a number of ways as it makes it so easy to customize the app features and make your Chromebook unique.