Incense sticks how to make

Burn incense sticks

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    Find a suitable place to burn your incense sticks. Because they produce a significant amount of smoke, incense sticks should only be lit in a well-ventilated area. On the other hand, you shouldn't burn them directly on open windows or doors because of the draft. Make sure that there are no flammable objects such as curtains or tablecloths in the immediate vicinity. [2]

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    Light the end of the incense stick. You can use a match or a lighter to do this. Hold the flame directly on the stick until it ignites.

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    Let the incense stick burn for about ten seconds.[3] Most of the time the flame goes out on its own. If she does, look at the incense stick. When the end glows, it burns. If no embers can be seen but only a little ash at the end, light the incense stick again.

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    Carefully blow out the flame if it doesn't go out on its own. Normally you should see the tip of the stick glowing now, and a thin thread of smoke should rise from it. A flame should no longer be visible. After about 30 seconds, the scent should begin to fill the room. [4] Then you know that the incense stick is burning properly. If nothing can be seen except some ash, you have completely blown out the incense stick. Light it again and this time blow it out a little more carefully - it is best to hold your cupped hand behind the flame.

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    Place the incense stick in the holder.If you are using a wooden core incense stick, insert the wooden end into the holder. If you're using an incense stick without a wood core, it doesn't matter which end you put in the holder. In most holders, the incense sticks are vertical or slightly inclined. If the latter is the case with your holder, make sure the end of the incense stick hovers over the jar. If it looks beyond the holder, shorten the incense stick a little or pay particular attention to the fact that the holder is on a fireproof and washable surface.
    • If you're using a bowl or bucket of grains, rice, salt, or sand, gently push the stick of the stick in until the stick stops on its own. You can either put it in vertically or at a slight angle. However, you should make sure that the end doesn't look over the edge of the container so that the ashes can fall into it and not land on the table or floor.
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    Let the incense stick burn until it goes out. Most chopsticks burn for about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how long and thick they are.

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    Make sure that nothing can catch fire. As with all other flames, incense sticks must never be left out of your sight. When you need to leave the room, briefly soak the end of the incense stick in water or squeeze it out on a fireproof pad to extinguish it completely. Place the holder only on heat-resistant surfaces and far enough away from curtains, drapes, tablecloths, children, and pets.